Newsweek Draws Moral Equivalency Between Trump Blocking Trolls, Iran Banning Protesters


Newsweek hit this one right out of the park. They win in the media Trump Derangement Syndrome battle over Iran.

In an article titled, TRUMP, WHO BLOCKS AMERICANS ON TWITTER, TELLS IRAN TO UNBLOCK SOCIAL MEDIA DURING PROTESTS, by Carlos Ballesteros, the author draws moral equivalency between blocking wholly committed and obnoxious trolls and Iranian Mullahs shutting down communication by protesters trying to reach the outside world.

Newsweek made the choice between the President of the United States and the nut jobs in Iran and it was no contest — they chose the nut jobs.

The failing magazine called the tyrants “authorities”:

Iranian authorities blocked Telegram and Instagram on Sunday after protesters began organizing throughout the country by using the social media applications on their smartphones.

Goldstein went so far as to suggest that protesters in Iran seeking to communicate with others via blocked social media sites should use virtual private networks, or VPNs, to circumvent the blockade.

Huh? Went so far?

It’s a good idea.

Mr. Ballesteros immediately brought up the faux civil rights lawsuit by dozens of wing nuts who have been blocked from the President’s Twitter feed. That is really the story for him.

The rest of the article is devoted to trashing Trump for blocking the vulgarians as a First Amendment violation.

They then quoted leftist Glenn Greenwald telling Trump to basically shut up and stay out of Iran’s affairs.

Is that how Obama stayed out of Libya’s affairs, Egypt’s, and other’s?

The troll lawsuit was brought by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in New York and joined by seven individual Twitter users but the numbers have grown since then. One of the women suing the President blocked Mark Dice. What they do is constantly troll and call the President names so no one else can be heard.

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Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

Are the American People REALLY THAT STUPID as to believe such unadulterated bullshit as what this moron writes?? what the hell have these writers, so called “Journalists”, been putting in their own Koolaid?
It is piling higher and higher, and although I only have an I.Q. of 50 I am past being insulted by this crap and am very embarrased for them……What is it that keeps them lying to the American Public?? Come on you left wingers-journalists, are you really traitors or are you just mentally incompetent.
Will these aethist communist people insist on having a rifle butt up side of their heads??
You don’t need to have a law degree from Haaaavard to know that COMEY is a CROOK; Are we going to wait until these corrupt people have turned this country into a defunct socialist bankrupt “country”? Damn, at least they could say something somewhat believable?? Every time I tune into Mornin Joe or Rachel Madcow, I want to rush over and insert a needle of sedative into their asses. Preposterous, Mornin Joe, who talks like some 7th grader who giggles at his own farts?! I remind you Mornin’ Joe that there is no statute of limitations for prosecution for murder; and the death of your “assistant” in your congressional offices is being re-opened. What in the hell is wrong with your “brain”?? folks if you believe the onslaught of bullshit that MSNBC and CNN throw out there you are too far gone to exercise your brain anymore. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that makes it not a felony if you INTENTIONALLY infect someone with aids and he/she DIES?? (Are you letting yourself off of the hook, Jerry??) Jerry Brown came too late; he should have been Governor of one of the states which seceded just before the Civil War. Good Lord, Guv Brown really thinks that California can secede from the Union??? I hope Pres Trump arrests Brown boy for violating federal laws which the constitution states prevail over state law, (even law schools in California teach that, folks)