Newt Gingrich Defends Al Franken Against the “Lynch Mob”


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Franken was essentially taken out by a “lynch mob” after more than 30 Democratic senators called for his resignation on Wednesday following the latest accusation. He made his comments on The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham Wednesday night.

Gingrich isn’t supporting Franken exactly. He is supporting due process. The left-wing media is translating that into him defending perverts. Axios, for example, wrote Friday: We have finally found something Republicans and Democrats have to common. Sadly, it’s their shared culture of sexual harassment — and the worst form of abuse of power by old, perverted me.

They simply don’t understand our constitutional rights.

The left is also trying to pretend it’s as many Republicans as Democrats who are guilty. All of Hollywood is basically left-wing and all the men singled out so far are leftists.

Gingrich, a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump, said on Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s show Wednesday that Democrats were tossing Franken aside without any “due process” so they could appear to be “pure.”

“What you saw today was a lynch mob,” he said. “Let’s not have due process. Let’s not ask anybody any questions. Let’s not have any chance to have a hearing. Let’s just lynch him because when we are done, we will be so pure.”

He said that what Franken, former “Saturday Night Live” cast member was accused of doing was “the kind of things people in the entertainment business do.”

That is what the last Franken accuser said he told her, “It’s his right as an entertainer”.

The lack of due process in these reports is very concerning, especially when it’s being done by our own Congress. It was the Democrats – mostly the women – themselves who insisted Franken resign, though he hasn’t resigned, just promised to eventually resign, in “weeks”. We will see if that happens.

Franken was actually a 2020 presidential hopeful for the hard-left.

Ingraham cautioned viewers to be “wary” of joining such a “lynch mob.”

“Because tomorrow, it could be coming for your husband, your brother, your son, and yes, even your president,” she said.

On her program, Ingraham said Democrats “determined” it was worth ousting Franken so they could claim the moral high ground against Moore and Trump.

“They have now determined that it is worth sacrificing Franken, just like they did John Conyers — throw him overboard to save the political Titanic that is their party,” she said. “What does this do? It sets the precedent for the Democrats to try to drive Roy Moore from office, should he win the Alabama Senate race. And two, this is the next step in the quest to impeach President Trump. The left is brilliant.”

After the female Democrats demanded he step down without due process, and immediately after his speech of future resignation, they, almost to a woman, lined up crying to give him a hug.

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