Newt Gingrich Nukes the Dems over ‘Impeachment’


On Wednesday, Newt Gingrich nuked the Democrats who are continuing their rushed march to impeachment. As he said, this is a coup d’état. Earlier today, Speaker Pelosi and lying Adam Schiff went to the podium to explain why this is the American Revolution [for communism] and the President can’t have due process or face his accuser, the fake whistleblower.

Before the presser, Newt was on a roll. He nuked them.

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich tweeted about the impeachment of Donald Trump. He wrote, “Fake whistleblower who was not in room, writes fake complaint with no personal knowledge, leaked to fake news at NY Times, W Post etc, taken up by fake chairman Adam Schiff who opens hearing with fake quote from Trump as Pelosi launches fake impeachment effort-lots of fake in 1 party”

He also tweeted, “The Democrats and their coup d’etat – not President Trump – are the real threat to democracy.”

“Russia collusion didn’t happen, so House Democrats shuffled through their options and picked Ukraine,” he said in another tweet linking to an article by Rebecca Grant, saying, “Rebecca Grant is exactly right.”

Ms. Grant wrote, “Why did foreign policy with Ukraine get dragged into impeachment? Because it’s crucial for the far-left to get you to believe that President Trump is a danger to national security. Russia collusion didn’t happen, so House Democrats shuffled through their options and picked Ukraine.”

The Sentinel believes that’s all true.

On Fox & Friends, Newt called it what it is on Wednesday — a coup d’état.

We are now living in a Banana Republic. Thank a Democrat.

“This is, in constitutional terms, a coup d’etat. It is an effort by one branch of the government to destroy the incumbent president of the United States without any regard for the facts.”

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