Newt Says More Americans Care About Life Than People in Strange Hats


Newt Gingrich told Eric Bolling on The O’Reilly Factor that “pro-abortion” media are trying to hide “reality” that more Americans care about life than people in strange hats.

“The New York Times,” left wing, pro-abortion, anti-conservative news media,” Newt said. “They’re going to do everything they can it to hide from the reality that there are vastly more Americans who care about life then there are who care about weird people wearing strange hats with cat ears and a talk about the White House. The grotesque difference between the hard left that we saw on Saturday and the Americans who came together today, the difference in attitude, the difference in tone, the difference in language, I think a lot more Americans are comfortable with vice president pence is a speech then with Madonna’s speech.” […]

“I think every American should recognize the media bias. They’re not getting any kind of serious news coverage, they’re getting propaganda. They’re getting hostility. I looked at an exchange last weekend with Kellyanne Conway where the interviewer was just plain hostile. They weren’t being an interviewer, there being an attacker. After having a long career in this business, the news media has gotten worse, just as the academic community has gotten worse, they are more left wing, they are more monolithic and they are more angry.”

Sheriff David Clarke tweeted about the issue.

This is an amazing time-lapse video of the march.

Vice President Michael Pence’s speech was quite different from Madonna’s and #nastygirl Ashley Judd’s.

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John Smith
John Smith
7 years ago

The March for life has been going on for Decades. God Bless these people.