Newtown Panel Collectivists Obviously Don’t Think Our Rights Come From God



The Constitution is very inconvenient for collectivists. They try to violate it at every turn.

The Newtown panel obviously agrees with Chris Cuomo that our Second Amendment rights come from the collective judging from their latest unlawful recommendations on gun and ammo sales and ownership.

The most basic problem with their recommendations is it suggests that our rights come not from God but from the government.

The Newtown panel aka Sandy Hook Advisory Commission under Gov. Malloy, of the great statist state of Connecticut, basically wants to eliminate the Second Amendment and they have politicized Sandy Hook to give ballast to their fallacious arguments.

Their draconian gun control recommendations include registration of all firearms and ammo, ammo tracking, and intrusive screening of owners.

The government will decide if you can have a gun in Connecticut.

The Newtown panel put together a 256-page manifesto with nearly a hundred recommendations on mental health and guns.

We mustn’t balk at taking the guns out of the hands of bad people, according to them you see, even if it means giving up the Second Amendment and the premise on which it is based.

According to them, no guns should hold more than 10 rounds, no grandfathering, there must be serial numbers for all ammo as if that is even feasible, they want registration of all firearms and severe limits of the sale of ammo, licenses for all firearms and tests on handling firearms/knowledge of state and local laws given at regular intervals.

Any seller of firearms would have to pass a strict screening process beyond what they already have to deal with and it would include a mental health diagnosis.

They want to give judges the power to order temporary gun confiscations of gun, ammo, carry permits if a person is the subject of a restraining order (which are fairly easy to get).

The fake war hero Sen. Blumenthal thanked the commission. for their freedom-breaking proposals.

Their proposals would not have prevented Newtown but it’s a golden opportunity to take away our freedom and give the government power over us that we alone should have over ourselves.

They think the horror of Sandy Hook gives them the right to erode the basis on which our Second Amendment exists.

When their proposals don’t work, they will order up even more stringent measures.

This 16-member panel can’t possibly believe that your right to own a gun and defend yourself comes from God. They obviously believe it comes from them.

Chris Cuomo, the far-left CNN anchor and brother of Gov. Cuomo, said only last week that our rights do not come from God during a heated exchange with his guest Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. He and his collectivist friends get to decide our rights. During an interview, he said, “Our rights do not come from God, your honor, and you know that. They come from man… That’s your faith, that’s my faith, but that’s not our country. Our laws come from collective agreement and compromise,” Cuomo said.

He’s just like his brother.

These gun control measures have no bearing on anything and wouldn’t have done a thing to stop Sandy Hook. They call it common sense measures but the liberals always go too far. They’re not really liberal unless it’s something they want. They decide what you can and cannot do according to their values.

Liberals think their totalitarian laws won’t affect them but it eventually affects everyone. Bloomberg said last week that we should take guns away from young minority men.

According to The Aspen Times, Bloomberg said minorities should only be banned from owning guns until their are 7 years older than their Caucasian neighbors.

He said that “Cities need to get guns out of [the] … hands” of people who are “male, minority, and between the ages of 15 and 25,” that means that Caucasians have the right to own firearms at the age of 18, but if you are a“minority,” no guns for you until you are at least 25.

He claimed “95 percent of all murders fall into this category.” Taking guns away from legal owners who happen to be darker than the men on his security detail, will “keep them alive.”

They “think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed.” And they think that “it’s a joke to pull the trigger,” he said.

This is what we can all look forward to with totalitarian liberals in charge.


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