NEXT FRIDAY! Obama’s Deal with Communist Hellhole of Cuba Going Down!


President Donald Trump is expected to travel to Miami as early as next Friday to announce a new Cuba policy that could tighten rules on trade and travel to the island eased in a very bad Obama deal in which the U.S. received no concessions from the Castro government.

Trump’s aides were nearing completion of a comprehensive review of Cuba policy and are expected to send recommendations to his national security team and then to the president in coming days, a U.S. official told CNN.

The hellhole of Cuba, as we all know, is a perfect example of what happens to nations that buy into communism.

Cuba today

Plans were in the works for Trump to roll out his new approach next Friday in a speech in Miami but a delay is still possible if it takes longer to make a decision, according to people familiar with the discussions, CNN reported.

Typical wooden house in countryside, Cuba

Officials previously said that Trump will likely announce the United States will no longer make unilateral concessions to Cuba, which is what the Obama administration did.

US officials said Trump is likely to blast the Cuban government for human rights abuses and impose sanctions on officials suspected of carrying out the repression of dissidents.

The officials also previously said Trump is expected to demand that U.S. fugitives of justice, such as Assata Shakur, who received political asylum on the island after being convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper and escaping from a US prison, be extradited.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer indicated in February that a tougher posture toward Cuba could be in the works.

“We are in the midst of a full review of all US policies towards Cuba,” Spicer said. “The President is committed to an agenda of ensuring human rights for all citizens throughout the world and as we review those policies in Cuba, that will be forefront in those policy discussions.”

The left will go wild. They love Cuba. When Fidel died, he was regaled by the left as the “George Washington” of Cuba, a “folk hero” who “loved Cuba”.

What are the main issues at stake?

Sharing of foreign intelligence

Thanks to Obama, we’ve been sharing secret foreign intelligence with these communists. Hopefully, that will stop. Obama even let Cuban spies tour our secure facilities.


Enriching the hardcore communists with travel to bolster their regime will dissolve. The left would say it takes away an opportunity to change the nation, exposing it to free society. However, there is travel from other nations into Cuba now and it hasn’t worked.

The TSA lied to the American people and to Congress about air marshals being allowed on commercial flights before the flights began. There has never been a security review of Cuba’s ten airports; terror nations and enemies of the US do fly to Cuba freely; and, incredibly, we do not have an air marshals agreement with Cuba. The media is complicit.

There are a lot of terrorists floating in and out of Cuba, especially Hezbollah.

Bilateral trade

The U.S. economic embargo was never lifted and the new policies will have little effect. Cuba has extensive trade with other nations, but it all benefits Communists.

None of the alleged “market reforms” undertaken to date in Cuba are true free-market initiatives. Free enterprise remains highly restricted. Foreign investors doing business in Cuba today deal mainly with Castro’s regime. Cuban partners in joint ventures and mixed companies are approved by Castro as “safe.” Moreover, unlike China, Cuba has barely started to open up its economy, and what little has been done to date has been permitted with great official reluctance and with the objective of assuring the communist government’s political survival.

U.S. economic embargo

Communists and corporatists will step up their lobbying to end the embargo. It will strengthen the anti-Castro forces who watched communism completely destroy the small island nation.

Human rights

President Trump has made several references to human rights in Cuba, both as a candidate and since winning the presidency.

The left will say Cuba has benefitted the most from Obama’s policy with the arts, music, culture and sports taking place in shared projects. However, in order to do any of that, Cuban communist policies must be followed.

Since Obama’s easing of restrictions, more anti-Castro forces within the nation have been imprisoned.


The left says it will damage trust in the U.S., however, did Obama ever have any right to make such a deal?

Leftist whining

It’s going to be bad.

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