Next Obama Fiat: Takeover of States’ Rights in Capital Punishment Cases



President Obama appears about ready to take over more of the states’ rights, this time on behalf of Clayton Lockett, the rapist-murderer who laughed as he buried a 19-year old girl alive.

In a joint press conference with Angela Merkel at the White House Friday, President Obama was asked about the botched execution of rapist-murderer Clayton Lockett. The reporter who asked the question quoted human rights groups and others who have drawn moral equivalence between the botched execution of Lockett in the U.S. with the brutal killings of innocent people in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran.

President Obama did not say anything in support of the United States but rather agreed that we have dealt poorly with the situation. Again pulling out the race card, Mr. Obama indicated this was particularly true when it came to minorities.

Mr. Obama said he is deeply troubled by what happened in Oklahoma though he admitted the executed individual committed heinous crimes. He added that there are significant problems in the application of the death penalty: racial bias, uneven handling, and the execution of innocent people. He said this raises questions and the Oklahoma case highlights it.

Mr. Obama is going to discuss with Eric Holder and others to “get me an analysis” of “what steps have been taken not only” in this instance” but more broadly in this area.”

Research concerning racial bias and the execution of innocent people is dubious at best. The studies are mostly produced by people opposed to the death penalty and are a means by which they hope to eliminate it in this country.

Certainly, no one should be executed without incontrovertible evidence of their guilt.

A total of 39 people have been executed in the United States for whom there was some evidence of innocence. Now with the advent of DNA analysis, those cases will most likely never occur again.

The racial bias claims are not based on direct proof though it’s a topic that needs to be researched further.

The broader point however is that Mr. Obama, never a man to let a good crisis go to waste, looks poised to pick up his pen and phone to take over some or all of states rights on the issue of capital punishment.