Next Phase at Mizzou Has a Surprise Ending or Beginning


Butler and friends
Jonathan Butler, who started the problems at Mizzou, can be seen here with BlackLivesMatter leader, DeRay McKesson.

Actually this isn’t a shock to most of us – Mizzou is Ferguson II but on college campuses.

The not-so-big surprise is the Mizzou troublemaker and anarchist, Jonathan Butler is tight with DeRay McKesson, of the fake the Ferguson-BlackLivesMatter. McKesson is an anarchist and all-around fomenter of trouble.

Komu reports that after the trouble the mob at Missouri University caused, they met Wednesday night to discuss the healing process.

One participant said it was all about community building.

“I think students were able to connect with others,” Reuben Faloughi said. “I think it can be, being at a predominantly white institution, it can be isolating some times. You can feel like you’re the only one or nobody else leave.  understands your experience, but here I think you can come and share those lived experiences, no matter what color you are and build from there.”

They had to heal without their white allies and formed seven groups, asking white allies to leave the groups. Whites were generally segregated into their own healing group except for the occasional white wanderer.

They’re a bit elitist.

Prominent BlackLivesMatter tweeter Johnetta Elzie is involved unsurprisingly (along with DeRay McKesson) and said:

Here is another tweet from Ms. Elzie:

And here is Mizzou’s Mr. Butler, who is the scion of a wealthy family, with BlackLivesMatter;


— Johnetta Elzie (@Nettaaaaaaaa) November 12, 2015

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6 years ago

I’d leave a comment but since i’m Male and White my opinion doesn’t matter…

6 years ago
Reply to  Tom


6 years ago
Reply to  Deborah

Racism at its finest! Segregation is not the answer.

6 years ago

I say , instead of 4 years of college they have to do 4 years in any African country they choose!

1)blacks must run the government of that country
2)We will give you 1 year average wages of that country, but that is it!

At the end of 4 years we will bring you back, with the best education you could ever get, and a better appreciation of what you have !

I bet whitey won’t seem so bad, after a trip in the real world!