Next Week’s RNC Convention Could Prove to Be Very Dangerous


Cleveland police are getting the Ambassador Stevens treatment during the RNC Convention.

The mission in which Ambassador Stevens was murdered along with his technology expert and two security agents was unguarded by Marines because Hillary didn’t want to send the wrong message. Instead, she put the 17th Brigade in charge of the mission. The Brigade included suspected Ansara al-Sharia supporters. In the least, they ran at the first opportunity.

When the Ambassador asked for help over and over again, he didn’t get it.

We now have what could be a violent and dangerous RNC convention in Cleveland. The most radical left groups have said they will go along with 50,000 Trump supporters. It could be a perfect storm next week but the Cleveland police weren’t given all that they need to do the job.

Steve Loomis of the Cleveland Police Union explained what is going on during the radio show, Everything Matters, Monday night with Edward Munoz and Kevin J. Burke.

A month ago, tear gas was off the table and there were going to be safe zones where the “protesters” could do whatever they want.

Preparation was held off until the past two weeks but Mr. Loomis feels they will be okay. Supervisors are concerned about the what if scenarios however. The chief said there will be zero tolerance, one rock, one arrest, and no blocking of the highway. Organizational leaders in Cleveland have been given this information. People from outside the city are the problem, specifically anarchists coming to stir up problems.

Black Lives Matter, radical Islamic groups, New Black Panthers, Revolutionary Communist Party, et al are expected to be in Cleveland. Dozens of radical leftist groups are expected. The New Black Panthers, according to Reuters, will come armed to the teeth.

I don’t know if Mr. Loomis is aware but the Bikers for Trump plan to patrol the streets. Many of them are veterans. They aren’t looking for trouble but they won’t let anyone get hurt.

Bikers for Trump

The Cleveland police, 500 of them, have been told to call their riot gear, personal protective gear. They can’t use the term “riot gear”. That came down from the Department of Justice. Everything has to go through them so they can make these petty, absurd recommendations.

The city only gave them two sizes of riot gear and that didn’t fit many of their police.  Mr. Loomis had to find a local company to get them fitted.

The body cams weren’t fitted to the suits and the city was going to send them in without the cams. Mr. Loomis got the local media and Taser to help get them fitted to the suit. Taser donated.

There will be about 500 Cleveland police policing the 50,000 plus protesters. There will be another 2200 police from elsewhere and some police coming from other states.

The police are not allowed to have ballistic shields because the powers-that-be felt they looked too militaristic, however, that’s how they hold the line. In St. Paul, Black Lives Matter threw rebar, bottles, rocks, and, in one case, concrete, at the police. Twenty-one police were injured. The officer hit with concrete has a fractured spine.

The mayor had banned tear gas but the State Highway Patrol said they will deploy gas if they have to.

The fireman will be there but they have had no training.

Some police departments that were going to help are pulling out because of liability.

In the police academy they make $10.50 an hour and top salary for Cleveland police is $56,000.

Where is Governor Kasich in this?

You can hear Steve Loomis at 09:29:

This is the photo they were discussing in the video.

Possibly the Most Heinous Photo Ever Posted on Social Media

You can contact the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell here:


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6 years ago

Why are Black Panthers allowed to bring guns and be armed to the teeth and not the police? That’s a recipe for more death and destruction. This should not be allowed to happen under any circumstance. Either protest peacefully or be immediately arrested. And I would have plenty of police wagons on hand because I’m sure they will be filled to capacity. It’s a shame that some Americans feel the need to behave like a third world country filled with violence and hate. And the burning of our flag, as has been done in other protests, is a total disgrace!!! Anyone doing this does not deserve to be in America. You should not be allowed to intimidate, hurt or disrupt other people’s rights. Do unto to others as you would want done unto you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Help Us All and May God Bless and Protect our Great Nation.

6 years ago

As usual this site is in the forefront of reporting.