Next Year, Social Security, Medicare Take In Less Than They Give Out


Sometime next year, as the ranks of retirees swell, the Social Security system in the United States will pass an ominous tipping point and start the slide into insolvency, The Boston Globe reports.

Bernie and Warren, two presidential candidates, want to expand Social Security and Medicare.

For the first time in nearly forty years, the program will pay out more than it takes in and this will force the program to dip into a rainy day fund that will last about 15 years.

People have come to rely on both programs for survival, but Congress refuses to fix them. Just changing the age one can collect would be enough. That solution makes sense — Americans live longer.

This is the program that the Democrats insist illegal aliens be allowed to dip into.

More than 54 million retirees and survivors receive Social Security benefits and Medicare today — the largest contingent in history — and tens of millions expect to collect them in the future.

People today aren’t saving for the future and will be in a dire situation without these benefits.

Congress and presidential candidates don’t bother mentioning it because they won’t see an immediate hit. They traditionally kick the can down the road until it becomes an urgent necessity.


People should keep in mind that Medicare is facing the same future and that’s another program no one is fixing but Democrats are prepared to give to any foreigners who come through our open doors.

Democrats and all presidential canidates also want to expand it to every American.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are part of an “Expand Social Security Caucus,” and both would finance the cost of additional benefits, in part, by increasing taxes on higher earners. That, of course, would not be enough, it would have to include all federal taxpayers, who are 53% of the nation. Others pay nothing.

Democrats only consider raising taxes as a solution. They want to raise the payroll tax and believe it will keep the program going 75 years (Social Security 2100 Act). One problem is when they give it to any foreigner who comes in, and then every American, that will not be the case. It will also rob the young working class of money during their most fruitful years.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
4 years ago

Why do we pay from what it supposed to be a fund to provide supplemental retirement income to those who have retired to people who are not retired, many of them have never paid into SS? One of my past times is to look at “rooms wanted” in Craigslist. Many of these people are legitimate but I see young people, many under 30, claiming they can pay the rent because they get SSI income. WHY are they getting SSI income. I don’t believe for an instant they are disabled or even worked at all to pay into the system they are drawing from. Then young people have the guts to tell a retiree who has earned and is drawing a small SS income they are living on the backs of those working today. If Congress hadn’t misused the SS funds there would be millions in there for every retiree. But, no, they give the money to those never earned it including illegal aliens then take what’s left to put into the general fund to spend on whatever. Then of course there is the bloated bureaucratic cost of administering our SS money. And the young people complaining about retirees getting THEIR money back from the government are the same ones who want the government to provide free healthcare, free college, free housing, etc. I believe this is by design of the Democrats enacting the Cloward-Pivin strategy.