NFL Already Losing $200 Million, Ingrates Received $1 Billion from Taxpayers


Taxpayers gave the NFL $1.1 billion in sweetheart deals. The NFL has expressed their gratitude by damaging football. They are making entertainment a political and stressful experience. Even worse, they are the ones being disrespectful and divisive while trying to convince the public Trump is disrespectful and divisive.

It was the NFL who knelt on foreign soil during the US national anthem and stood during ‘God Save the Queen’. It wasn’t the President.

There are so many ways they could protest but protesting the anthem is disrespect for our country no matter how they try to convince us otherwise. They think we are stupid.

What they should consider doing is going into poor neighborhoods and showing the youth how they can make something of themselves without joining gangs. Perhaps they could share some of their winnings with the poor youth.

It’s amazing how the players and the NFL can be this divisive and yet call the President divisive for calling them out. The President has a better read on much of the population and the NFL is going to lose money.

The National Football League TV ratings were already down by over 10% over last year before this past weekend of player protests which translates into $200 million. A 2016 poll from Yahoo Sports revealed that 44% of NFL fans would give up watching professional football altogether if more players followed in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps by disrespecting the flag.

It’s going down a good 20% after this.

Yet, 200 dumb jocks decided to join the Kaepernick ‘protest’ against America. The man with the police as pigs socks and Castro t-shirt is their idol.

The media is feeding this. Collingsworth, another weak sister, wants the President to apologize. Fine, but when do the players apologize?

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6 years ago