NFL Anthem Bench Sitter Exposed as a Liar Bearing False Witness


The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has put out the footage of the Michael Bennett incident with police last August 27th. Bennett tried to say he was racially targeted and arrested for nothing.

Cops detained him outside the Cromwell hotel following the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight as they looked for a shooter. He was running away at the same time.

The film shows 2 Hispanic officers and a black officer identify Bennett as suspicious after he ran and they refused to get down on the ground as ordered.

Bennett looked suspicious, first crouching down and running in the casino and then bolting out of the hotel, jumping over a gate, then running down the street. When police cornered him, he carried on like a baby and refused to follow orders.

In the film, you can hear an officer ask if the man running had a gun and they gave chase.

Bennett told them to look him up on their phone, they did, they explained why they gave chase.

Bennett, as it turns out, ran because he was scared. However, what he did later was terrible. He lied and made it into an anti-police racist attack on him. It was a complete lie. He lied at a time police were being targeted.

This is a man who has shown his character when he sat out the anthem, showing his disrespect for our country. He invented a racist incident to complement the narrative. This is karma.

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Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
5 years ago

Blame racist cops. Obama’s excuse as we recall.