NFL Commissioner Who’s Ruining All-American Game of Football Gets $200 MIllion Contract


NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell, the shady lawyer who has allowed leftist politics to consume the game, was awarded a five-year contract worth $200 million a year. He will get an annual salary of $3.5 million guaranteed up to $50 million (which Goodell denied) in total compensation.

They’re claiming that he’s only getting $3.5 million but the incentives bring it to $50 million. It will be officially announced next week.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was demonized when he tried to stop the deal and dump Roger. Jones was angry about him suspending Ezekiel Elliott and about the disrespectful kneeling.

The committee approved it unanimously because the market says he’s worth it.

Under Goodell, the league has seen staggering growth under Goodell. With league revenues at $8.5 billion in 2010, Goodell announced a plan to nearly triple its revenue to $25 billion by 2027. The league is already more than halfway there, pulling in an estimated $14 billion in revenue in 2017.

Goodell gets his private jet according to a Fox business source.

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