NFL to Fine Jerry Jones Millions of Dollars for Threatening to Sue


If you disobey the suits in the National Football League, it will cost you. Roger Goodell is set to fine opponent Jerry Jones millions of dollars. The League is sending a message – owners must not fight with the League or Roger Goodell.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to fine Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones millions of dollars for conduct “detrimental to the league” in the wake of clashes over Goodell’s contract extension and the suspension of star running back Ezekiel Elliott, The New York Times reported Monday.

It’s funny how Marxist football players kneeling to show disrespect for the flag and country is not a problem for them and their image.

Jones’ crime was to threaten to sue the six members of the league’s compensation committee over Goodell’s contract. Jones reportedly believed Goodell was overpaid and should have received a more incentive-laden contract.

Owners don’t have rights. Only the suits have rights and all the power.

Jones was also angry about the kneeling Marxist players. That’s definitely not allowed by the Obama plants in the NFL offices.

They want the old guard like Jones to sell so they can fill up the owners’ ranks with leftists.

Goodell received a contract worth 200 million dollars and Jones wanted to fight it. He did back down but they want to make sure no one bucks the system again, even with the thought crime of threatening to sue.

It doesn’t matter if the Elliott suspension was right or wrong, it’s about how the NFL handles Jones compared to Marxist, Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick.

The League says they are merely being reimbursed for expenses.



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