NFL Inmates Take Over, Set Up a Meeting with McNair, Goodell, Kaepernick


The controversy over a common figure of speech uttered by Houston Texans owner Bob McNair is now being used as an excuse to force him to attend a meeting with the players, Colin Kaepernick and Roger Goodell. It’s a typical Alinsky-style tactic to shut down opposition and damage the love of country shown at NFL games.

Bob McNair

The “controversy” with the NFL players arose out of an ESPN article summarizing a meeting between the owners, players and NFL executives. McNair, a target because of his support for Trump, was complaining about the suits in the PR executive suites of the NFL, especially Roger Goodall, who are telling the owners what they can and cannot do in response to the “protests” by leftist NFL players during the playing of the anthem.

McNair joined Jerry Jones in voicing his concerns when he said the inmates were taking over the prison. McNair said it was in reference to Roger Goodell. The players say he meant them. Even if he meant both, who cares? It’s not meant to be taken literally.

The invitation to the meeting offered in a letter obtained by ESPN on Saturday, states: “Our patience is being continually disrespected and is wearing thin…Until the league publicly demonstrates its commitment to an actual process of listening to our grievances, we will continue to peacefully demonstrate for equality and justice for all.”

This is nothing less than the left destroying football and it’s mainly white leftists doing it, exploiting the anger of black players which they helped create.

This is an effort to silence opposition, nothing else, and it’s being led by the Obama plants in the NFL PR offices and the Soros-tied players’ union.

The NFL players invited Bob McNair and Marxist Colin Kaepernick to the same meeting with McNair to set him up. The inmates are running the asylum or the prison, the roosters are in charge of the hen house. The leftists are humiliating owners who don’t toe the line. It’s not only humiliating, it’s a bullying tactic. McNair can’t win. It can’t help McNair in the least. Inviting Kaepernick and wimpy left-winger Goodell is a tactic.

The dimwits in the NFL PR department are now running fan appreciation day. As former sheriff David Clarke says, “What a crock?”.

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