NFL Kneel, Raise Fists Pre-Season Since Their Ratings Aren’t Low Enough


In numerous disrespectful displays [one quarter of the players], the NFL players once again demonstrated their hatred for America and our military by kneeling and throwing commie fists in the air while the Star Spangled Banner played during pre-season games.

Wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson, both of the Miami Dolphins, kneeled during The Star-Spangled Banner, ahead of their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Miami Herald reported, Fox News reported.

Robert Quinn, a defensive end for the Dolphins, raised his fist. Philadelphia Eagles Malcolm Jenkins, who plays safety, and De’Vante Bausby, a cornerback, also raised their fists, according to The Philadelphia Enquirer.

There’s more, go here.

No doubt some of these multi-million-dollar-a-year players think they are standing up for oppressed people. But they are not. They are doing the bidding of Marxist Colin Kaepernick, and other leftists like him who are promoted by America haters like George Soros and Van Jones.

Eliminating pride in country and getting rid of the anthem before games is part of the Marxist cultural revolution.

Why don’t they do something constructive and protest this guy?

How about listening to this man:

In conclusion…


The President noted that many of the players protesting can’t define why.

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