NFL Kneelers Usher in the 2018 Season to Cheers from Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick, the far-left Nike hero, praised two players who knelt during the anthem to start out the 2018 season.

Colin with his Castro shirt, not political at all, right NFL?

In a tweet, Kaepernick gave a shout-out to “my brothers,” Dolphins teammates Kenny Stills and Albert Watson, who were the only two players in the league to take a knee during the national anthem during Sunday’s early games.

“They have not backed down, even when attacked and intimidated,” Kaepernick said in the tweet, which was accompanied by a picture of the Dolphins kneeling before their game. “Love is at the root of our resistance.”

It’s not about love, it’s about a far-left, dangerous movement. They are the only two who kenlt.

The Socialist Colin KaeperNIKE began the anti-American, anti-police kneeling during the anthem. He won’t let it go because it’s not simply about a protest.

It’s about a leftist movement.

The anthem can’t be a protest symbol and an anthem at the same time. It’s one or the other. Leftists want to distort and destroy what it stands for. If given the chance, the left will destroy all we believe in. There will be no end.

Nike said the ad campaign with him as the star is to contribute to “social change” according to Nike. They are referring to Marxist cultural change.

The NFL league announced they will not establish any policy about the kneeling.

As for Nike, they are going all-in. They have the creepy ad on top of a building in Union Square in San Francisco.


The fool has sacrificed nothing. He turned down a chance to play for his  leftist movement for which he is well-paid.

Kaepernick-Nike Ad! “Don’t Settle for Being a Homecoming Queen or Linebacker, Be Both”

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