NFL Opposes Tax Bill Because It Cuts Out Their Corporate Welfare


The NFL is jumping into the tax bill argument because it will force the NFL teams to pay more for the building of their own stadiums. Taxpayers have been paying for most of the building.

That’s not a winner for them among taxpayers, especially now when they are kneeling to show their disrespect for the country.

A spokesman for the National Football League actually said teams don’t want to lose a special tax break that allows them to use tax-free bonds to build stadiums.

The NFL says it deserves the break because new stadiums allegedly create jobs. Economists disagree and don’t want taxpayers funding stadiums. The costs exceed the revenue generated.

“You can look around the country and see the economic development that’s generated from some of these stadiums,” Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary for President Clinton and now an NFL spokesman, told reporters on a conference call last week, according to Reuters.

The bill will prevent local governments from funding the building or renovation of professional sports stadiums by issuing tax-exempt, public-purpose bonds, the sort of bonds typically used to fund schools, libraries and public transit.

Those bonds are intended for necessary services and the NFL has perverted their intent.

No other team has come out on the tax bill at this point.


  1. Society has many much more productive ways to spend money than to build sports stadiums for the unpatriotic rich to play in. The NFL teams are freeloaders.

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