NFL Player Dishonors the U.S. Flag In London, 21 Other Soros Tools


National anthem protests continued during Week 7 in the National Football League, although the headcount of those kneeling or otherwise acting out during the Anthem has gone down to twenty-two according to the Associated Press.

A Rams player in London disrespected the Anthem and the flag.

The issue of the Anthem has caused Roger Goodell’s contract extension to be delayed, according to ESPN.

One player protested visibly and disgracefully during the early games Sunday. Rams linebacker Robert Quinn raising his fist during the U.S. Anthem, bringing it down before “God Save The Queen” before playing Arizona in London.

Why doesn’t he move to London? Ironically, as long as we are holding people dead for 200 years responsible, the Brits were the ones most responsible for introducing slavery into the colonies.

The same players who protested in previous weeks either stayed in the locker room, kneeled or sat, while many teams stood and locked arms in a compromise maneuver, Deadline reported.

They are Soros tools. Soros is in league with the NFL players union as he is with all major union heads. This entire protest is completely bogus. There is no institutional racism.

Since the 49ers took the knee with Marxist Colin Kaepernick, Levis Stadium has had lots of empty seats, although that is also a product of their poor performance.

The 49ers had seven players kneel: Eric Reid, Reuben Foster, Eli Harold, Adrian Colbert, K’Wann Williams and Marquise Goodwin all took a knee during the anthem. The rest of the 49ers locked arms and stood.

The 49ers are dying a slow death. A SportsDay reporter estimated 36 percent of fans were rooting for Dallas, while another from NBC pinned the breakdown at 30 percent Dallas, 40 percent San Francisco, 30 percent empty seats.

In this week’s Sunday games, all members of the Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars stood for the anthem.

Dallas Cowboy David Irving held a fist over his heart during the national anthem and then briefly raised it after the song’s conclusion.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews remained in the locker room during the national anthem before the team’s game with the Cleveland Browns, as he has for four consecutive weeks. His teammates stood, but linebacker Wesley Woodyard and defensive lineman Jurrell Casey raised a right fist after the anthem. All members of the Browns stood.

At Miami, receiver Kenny Stills, tight end Julius Thomas and safety Michael Thomas continued their weeks-long protest, remaining in the tunnel during the national anthem.

The Dolphins have instituted a team rule that all players must stand if they are on the sidelines, but gave them the option to remain in the tunnel. The three players were loudly booed by the crowd when they emerged.

The Jets all stood and locked arms during the anthem with Christopher Johnson. There were a lot of empty seats at the game in Miami as well.

Most of the Saints knelt in unity before the national anthem in their game against Green Bay, then rose to stand during the actual song. Several players and coaches locked arms.

The Indianapolis Colts continued wearing their black t-shirts during warm-ups. The shirts say “We Will” on the front and “Stand for equality, justice, unity, respect, dialogue, opportunity” on the back. However, all players on the Colts stood with arms locked during the anthem for the third week in a row.

The sound of the national anthem prompted about 50 people to kneel outside of the Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis in protest of police violence. They drew stares, boos and some limited support from passing fans, according to a news report.

In the late afternoon games, Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett and several teammates st on the bench before their game against the New York Giants at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. The leftists had signs about ‘white privilege’.

New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon again knelt during the anthem. He was not in uniform and inactive. Vernon, one of the highest-paid Giants, has knelt for the previous three games, the only Giants players to have protested so extensively.

In Los Angeles, left tackle Russell Okung, who has been outspoken that the players should continue their protests, stood with his teammates during the national anthem, but raised his right fist.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, some team members took a knee in the end zone prior to the national anthem before their game with the Cincinnati Bengals, then joined their teammates to stand on the sidelines.

They weren’t the only ones with empty seats.

Actor James Woods had something to say.

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Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
6 years ago

Is this baby-boy overpaid jocks story over now for Halloween the next scary story.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
6 years ago

And now for the rest of the story – In 2010, LA Rams LB Robert Quinn, as a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, missed the entire football season after he was ruled ineligible by the NCAA because he lied about accepting travel accommodations and jewelry. In fact, Quinn is still banned from contacting any current University of N.C. athletes or entering any campus athletic facilities.

Robert Quinn recently signed a 4-year deal with the LA Rams worth $57 million! Quinn ought to take his fist and shove it up his own end zone.