NFL Players Want SJW Month of Racial Equality, Criminal Justice


As if we don’t have enough divisiveness in this country, four Social Justice Warriors [SJWs] playing for the NFL want a month of black-white awareness and have asked Roger Goodell to okay it. They hope to go from pretty in pink breast cancer awareness to SJW BS.

They must be suicidal. There are other sports besides football. We don’t have to watch these jacks and be indoctrinated by them.

Egales/ Malcolm Jenkins is one of the jacks who seeks to divide us further with his feel-good politics.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, a group of four current and former players sent the league a memo in August asking for the NFL’s help campaigning for racial equality and criminal justice reform. The letter was signed by Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, retired wide receiver Anquan Boldin and Eagles wideout Torrey Smith.

The 10-page letter to Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent also asked the league to endorse efforts to promote an activism awareness month.

The memo requested the league invest time and education, political involvement, finances and other commitments from the league. They also asked the league to endorse November as the time to celebrate their cause.

How about all these snowflake Marxists shutting the hell up? Just play ball and stop stressing everyone out when they just want to enjoy a damn game. We don’t care what you think.

It’s their right to do this and our right to turn off the TV. Who wants to be indoctrinated by a slew of Marxists while trying to enjoy a game? Who? Who?

No matter how many fans they lose, they won’t see the problem as politicization of football.

The NFL wants to double down and have JayZ as the halftime entertainment after his leftist wife saluted the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter terrorists during her halftime performance.

He won’t even do it because he wants to show his solidarity with ousted NFLer Colin Kaepernick. He gave the unpatriotic American a shout out during his stage performance in NYC.

It’s no surprise, JayZ and his wife campaigned for the former Socialist French President. This is who they are.

Read about the disappearing fans on this link.


  1. actually, I love how this is going. Please … do more and more and more of it. Professional sports are so ludicrous, we should be ashamed for pissing away so much of our lives following this sh_t for 5 minutes. The more they do it, the more it slaps people in the face that THESE babies are getting paid millions and millions … and then complaining and making demands. None of which the rest of us, in the real working world, have the luxury, or desire, to do.

    The real idiots … are US, for giving them 5 minutes of our time. Do we not have something actually productive to do with our lives? This includes me, folks. I rarely watch TV. But I read the sports page religiously every day. That’s my time that I’m pissing away to read about millionaires who play a sport. That has zero impact — actually has a negative ‘time loss’ impact — on my life

    Please: more protests. More demands. More sitting and raising fists during the national anthem. You all make it easier and easier to just say … the hell with you. All of you. All the sports. Sports / entertainment are addictions are are part of the destruction of America within. The more people who simply turn off the TV, the better the chance we might survive and get past what is happening to our country.

    • I am cheering too for more self-inflicted damage to the NFL. The left wing commissioner is scared that the union will strike if he tries to fight this nonsense. The union is now dominant. Even some of the more incurable fans are now questioning the NFL.

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