NFL Protests Are Result of 20 Years of Indoctrination in Socialism


Behind the curtain are Marxists and Socialists who are indoctrinating the black young men to be anti-police, anti-family, anti-country, anti-white. So says Super Bowl great Burgess Owens.

Burgess Owens appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday morning to discuss the NFL protests which continue, even on Thanksgiving. In fact, the man who started it all, Colin Kaepernick attended an un-Thanksgiving protest because this is all about destroying the foundations of our society.

President Trump tweeted about it yesterday.

Still Roger Goodell who allowed it to go this far, does nothing. In fact, the owners are thinking of keeping the teams in the locker room during the playing of the Anthem. That’s almost as bad.

The League offices are filled with leftists and some of the owners are Marxists. Burgess Owens says the black community has been radicalized by Marxists and Socialists.

Unfortunately liberalism has been transformed into Marxism which is anything but liberal.

The NFL downward slide continues. The DC team ended up beating the Giants 20-10 but that was a terrible game onThursday Night Football. A game that saw more national anthem protests as Giants defensive end Oliver Vernon took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner.

Which is why, with a 9.7 result in metered market ratings, last night’s TNF was down 10% from last year’s Thanksgiving NFL match-up on the Comcast-owned net. It was a ratings flop.

Sports network ESPN is very left and it too is facing massive Thanksgiving Day layoffs. The cuts are certainly due to a nearly $1 billion dollar budget shortfall by the Disney-owned network over the last six years. ESPN has lost over 13 million subscribers in the same time, Daily Caller reports.

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