NFL Still Protesting, Lots of Empty Seats on Boycott Day


People are making fun of Roger Goodell’s reported salary demands to sign a new contract. According to news from ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, Goodell is supposedly asking for a $50 million annual salary and a private jet for life from league owners. If he was the CEO of a company and had the results he has had, he would have been fired.

The NFL executives are denying it.

Twitter is trending each of the NFL teams Sunday because @Jack made sure it trended and there are a lot of tweets about there being no player protests in honor of Veterans’ Day. That’s not true. Plenty of players either stayed in the tunnel or acted out before the anthem.

The 49ers are their usuals idiotic selves.

Viewership for NFL football games is down. Nielsen reports the average NFL game attracts 14.8 viewers, down from 15.6 million at the same point in the season last year. The decline is less than that between 2015 and 2016, when viewership dropped 14 percent, but is still down from that massive drop.

The San Francisco 49ers continued to be the league’s leading protestors, as safety Eric Reid and receiver Marquise Goodwin again took a knee during the national anthem, as they have done all season. Wide receiver Louis Murphy held up his right fist during the anthem. It was his first game since signing with the team this week.

For their opponents, the New York Giants, Olivier Vernon again was the only team member to protest, taking a knee during the national anthem. Vernon has protested even while injured and inactive, but Sunday’s game marked his return in uniform.

The Los Angeles Rams saw linebacker Robert Quinn put his right fist in the air during the national anthem. Quinn was ill and inactive for the game. Punter Johnny Hekker again put his arm around Quinn in support. as he has done for several games.

The New Orleans Saints again knelt as a team before the anthem, then rose together for the song, with some players and coaches locking arms in solidarity.

Conservative watchdog 2nd Vote and a growing group on Facebook dubbed ‘Boycott the NFL’ have urged boycotting the NFL Sunday to honor veterans and the military.


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