NFL to Fund Leftist Social Activism Boot Camp


NFL leftist politics continues to take over the game, in fact, it just got a whole lot worse.

ESPN’s Jim Trotter tells us the NFL is funding [leftist] social activism boot camp for pro athletes at Morehouse College in Atlanta this February.  It’s a two-day affair but “then the organizers of that curriculum will work with the players throughout the year to try and teach them to get their message out and be most effective with it,” Trotter said.

The players will have year-round access to so-called experts in the field of [hard-left] social activism and advocacy.

We haven’t seen the syllabus but we know Saul Alinsky tactics and Soros funding must be involved. Expect a run on cops as pigs socks and lots of flag and country slander. Social activism even includes violence. Can the NFL players be far from that too?

The NFL and the NFLPA are hoping to make November Social Activism month. A letter was sent by four Social Justice Warrior players asking the NFL to dedicate the month to Social Justice, which is clearly a Marxist ideal.

The NFLPA teamed up with George Soros years ago to promote hard-left social activism through football.

Pretty soon only Black Lives Matter and Antifa will be going to games, unless they’re in jail of course. At least it will save on those brain injuries.

The NFL has also reportedly agreed to back criminal justice reform legislation recently introduced by a bipartisan group of senators.

The NFL wants to destroy the United States as we know it. They want a Soros America and when they get it, they might not like what they wished for.

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