NFL Will Take Fan $$$ to Give $100 Million for Social Justice Activism


“In an unprecedented move for a major professional sports league, the NFL has proposed partnering with its players to effect social justice change, though not all players are in agreement on the proposal,” ESPN reported. Some players don’t think it’s good enough. It’s a big win for George Soros and Socialism. Social justice is cultural Marxism.

The NFL players teamed up with George Soros years ago.

Tax documents show that the NFL players union teamed up with George Soros-backed Center for Community Change Action before the kneeling controversy even began.

The NFL’s solution to the kneeling controversy is to encourage players to stop the anti-American protests with payoffs, but some of the most radical players are still not interested. The leftist, unAmerican NFL has offered nearly a $100 million over seven years to end the protests although the money will continue under a new negotiated contract. The money in turn would fund the hard-left social justice causes, including communist VanJones’ DreamCorps.

It’s bribery, or perhaps hush money is a better expression to describe this.

Since the NFL will undoubtedly get the money from people who attend games or buy their over-priced memorabilia, it will be the fans who pay.  It’s so ironic that the people who are offended by the players will pay for their leftist causes. The costs won’t be obvious or labeled as such but fans will pay.

Instead of stopping the Marxists from making fools of our nation, they will pay them off and send money to dangerous hard-left movements. Every time we go to a game, we will be funding Social Justice Marxism.


The league will commit almost $100 million over seven years in matching funds, or more if necessary, to a Players Coalition and they will in turn fund: organizations that promote the black race over others, soft on crime policies, a transfer of wealth legislation, Democrat leftist candidates, and any other Marxist ideal the Players Coalition chooses.

That doesn’t even guarantee they will stop kneeling to show their hatred for “oppressive” America. The League is hoping it will. It will be up to the players to voluntarily and independently decide to not kneel during the playing of the Anthem.

This type of extortion is bound to fail to achieve any objective beyond funding Soros Marxism.

It’s similar to the racketeering the Obama administration engaged in by terrorizing businesses – via the power of HUD, DoJ and CFPB – to fork over millions which they in turn had to give to leftist causes. This will operate in the same way, only the fans will take the place of terrorized businesses and they won’t even know they’re paying for it. It will be in ticket sales no doubt.

Fans, white fans in particular, can pay for their own demise basically because that’s what Marxism and racial superiority movements are about.

Some players still won’t accept the one-way agreement but the League has a solution for that. They will keep some players in the locker room.

They plan to be the agents of change for a more Marxist America and fans can pay for it. The League isn’t concerned about the kneeling, it’s merely an excuse to fund Soros initiatives.

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