Nice Job Guys! NJ Officials Under Investigation for a Fistfight at a Casino – Update [Video]


Democrat Mayor Frank Gilliam Jr (l), Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy II

We now have the video of the altercation [see below]

Video footage reviewed by The Press of Atlantic City showed Democrat Mayor Frank Gilliam Jr. and Democrat Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy II getting into a fistfight with the involvement of at least two or three other unidentified men outside the Haven Nightclub at Golden Nugget Atlantic City. The incident occurred at 2:22 a.m.

Gilliam acknowledged Sunday night there was a physical confrontation. Before that, he lied and said there was “no incident” and “nothing happened.”

“I’m going to hold my comments until my attorney and the law enforcement people do this because I’m not even sure why you would have access to a videotape,” Gilliam said.

When contacted Sunday morning, Fauntleroy said the incident was a “loud argument” and nothing more. Reached for comment Sunday evening, he said, “You saw the video. It is what it is.” In other words, he lied too.

It is unknown what started the 45-second fight.


A late-arriving man retreated from the group and was followed by Gilliam and another individual. Gilliam exchanged several punches with the retreating man. In other words, Gilliam pursued a retreating man.

A woman was seen on tape yelling at Gilliam and the other men. No one hit the woman during the fight.

A man in a black blazer went to follow the others. The man began to remove his jacket when Fauntleroy grabbed him from behind and violently tossed him to the ground. The man got back up and he and Fauntleroy raised their fists against each other.

In other words, he basically sucker punched him.

Moments later, the melee died down, Gilliam entered a black Chevy Suburban and exited the property at 2:27 a.m. Fauntleroy and another individual got into a different vehicle and left shortly after.

Signed complaints against the two officials include allegations of simple assault and harassment.


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