Nice to Know Which Republicans Are Supporting Hillary the Globalist


Donald Trump has wiped away the false face of the Republican Party. It was propped up with lies and artifice. Their opposition to the populism, Americanism, and economic renewal to the point of refusing to help the Republican candidate is somewhat suicidal. If Trump loses, prepare for war because these people will be seen as supporting Hillary Clinton in the most critical election of our times.

The reason we have useless Republicans in Congress is because they are more in sync with Barack Obama and his Progressive Globalism than they are with Libertarians, Conservatives and nationalists.

John Kasich wrote in John McCain for president, Lindsey Graham wrote in stooge Evan McMullin who reportedly got $12,000 from George Soros, and George and Laura Bush didn’t vote for president.

The New York Times reported that the two left the presidential slot empty and voted down ballot for other Republicans. Bush and his wife live in Dallas.

They voted for nobody? Really?

George W. Bush’s father, however, was planning to cross the aisle and vote for Clinton but he’s 92 years of age so maybe we should give him a pass.

Jeb Bush wasn’t going to vote for Trump either.

In September, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend posted a picture of herself with former Republican President George H.W. Bush on Facebook and wrote, “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!” Townsend later confirmed the conversation she had while meeting Bush in Maine to Politico.

Mitt Romney is dead to me for all he has done to destroy Trump.

John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham gave an oath to support the Republican candidate and didn’t follow through. How can they ever be trusted? Their word is worthless.

For those who find this offensive, wait until tomorrow when John Kasich is scheduled to give his major speech. He announced he will explain the direction of the Republican Party from this point on. The man who couldn’t win more than his own state in the Primary and who wouldn’t support the party’s nominee, the man who took nearly $600,000 from Soros cronies, is going to tell the people the direction of the party.

It gets better, the Bush’s think if we had amnesty or, as they call it, immigration reform, things would have been different. They simply didn’t get the message. They are worse than tone deaf.

Many in the Republican Party have largely come together to support a populist who is talking about Americanism over Globalism. That is the core of the debate and politicians who think they are going to bring us all home to their elitist message that leaves the middle class behind and deprives us of more and more freedom, are living in an alternative reality. The Republican Party has not fought the fundamental transformation from the left to the satisfaction of the American people.

We finally know for certain what we are dealing with in the Republican Party. Hillary is a member of the club, many Republicans are members of the club, and Trump isn’t. The American people aren’t either.

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