Nicole Wallace apologizes for lying about Trump by trashing him even more


MSNBC hater Nicole Wallace lied and said the President talked about “exterminating Latinos.” This took place during a discussion with an angry guest, USA Today opinion columnist Raul Reyes.

He lied too but he did get his direction from her.

After some significant backlash, the insincere Wallace issued what MSNBC thinks passes for an apology.

First of all, she didn’t misspeak. She lied and she did it deliberately to feed the haters who watch her show.

Wallace ‘apologized’ by using it as an opportunity to trash the President again, claiming he is assaulting people of color.

She’s very dishonest. There is no insult intended towards people over their skin color. Illegal immigration in very large numbers has nothing to do with race. People are coming from all over the world. Is she claiming the President hates the world?

Invasion means overrunning and that is happening. She also mentioned ‘infestation’ but the President was talking about the rats in Baltimore, not the people.

She is a vicious hater, inciting her audience, along with her hateful guest Raul.

It’s media malpractice.

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