Zika Will Spread Around the World in August



We have no idea how many ways the Zika virus can be spread. We only recently discovered that it can be spread via sexual intercourse. The disease could be morphing.

Betsy McCaughey, the former New York Lt. Governor, warned, “If you were going to design a method to take a very severe disease and spread it worldwide really quickly… you would hold an event at the epicenter of that disease, Brazil, and invite 500,000 people to attend. I sympathize with the athletes who have trained and especially with the Brazilian economy, but the fact is this is going to spread this disease around the world.”

We already had a Honduran woman come to “visit” so her about-to-be-born Zika baby could be born in the US and cared for at US taxpayer expense which will be at least $1 million dollars.

More will come.


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