Nike Wins Award for Promoting America Hating Police Basher


Nike is a bad company — an evil company — and they are anti-American, yet they are being lauded for their views. The anti-American, anti-police company just won an Emmy for the ‘Dream Crazy’ ad in which Marxist Colin Kaepernick, who stereotypes all police as bad, claims to have “sacrificed everything.”

Kaepernick’s “sacrifice” is a reference to the former NFL player’s inability to get re-hired after voluntarily quitting the NFL. No one wanted him, but in came Nike. They offered him millions to lie. He sacrificed nothing and is doing what he wants to do — represent the hate America crowd.

The “believe in something,” references Kaepernick calling police officers murderers, wearing cops as pigs socks, and kneeling in protest of the American flag. Let’s not forget how Colin gives interviews in a Marxist t-shirt and hates the Betsy Ross flag. His good friend is radical Islamist and America hater Linda Sarsour.

The buffoon suggests he is an oppressed black man, but he grew up with a well-heeled white family and is a multimillionaire.

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything,” was Kaepernick’s polarizing tagline in the ad.

“The choice of Colin Kaepernick by Nike to be ‘the Face’ of their 30th Anniversary Campaign is an affront to every American law enforcement officer,” Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman, Randy Sutton said.

“Nike’s pandering to Kaepernick’s brand of politically correct hate mongering against those who serve this Nation behind a badge and the disrespect he has sown to the symbols of love of our country reveals how corrupt Nike has become,” Sutton added. “When an organization is more concerned with profits than with the values of justice and service that thousands have given their lives to preserve, they reveal what they truly stand for….greed and dishonor.”

It’s open season on police thanks to the evil message being sent out by the far-left, Nike, Kaepernick, and others.

Show your support for real heroes who sacrifice everything with a blue line Believe In Something shirt.

Colin Kaepernick with his girlfriend and their mutual good friend, Linda Sarsour
Kaepernick his cops are pigs socks
Kaepernick in his Castro t-shirt

The crazy ad promotimg a crazy Marxist I dream will go away (anyone remember when Nike employed child labor working like slaves in a foreign country?):

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