Nike’s Kaepernick sneaker sells out the 1st day, maybe they made 6 of them


Nike introduced a new Colin Kaepernick sneaker which features the date when he first took a knee protesting America. Nike canned a pro-American Betsy Ross flag sneaker upon his demand, and are now promoting an America-hating sneaker.

The Betsy Ross flag sneaker was canceled when Kaepernick complained and said he found the flag “offensive.”

After all the talk about Kaepernick only protesting racism, it morphed to racism and police brutality, and finally, he admitted he was against “oppressive” America. It is clear he is a Marxist protesting America, shamelessly so. Nike is happy to join him in that effort.

Nike’s new “True to 7” shoe featuring the mug of the former NFL quarterback sold out on the first day of its North American release, according to the company’s website.

Maybe they made six of them. It sounds like a deceitful marketing ploy.


“This Air Force 1 season, Nike partnered with a collective of collaborators to design an AF1 that connects to their life personally. Colin was identified because we believe his voice and perspective inspire many generations on and off the field,” said a Nike spokesperson in an email to CNBC.

The sneaker includes the date he first knelt since Nike wouldn’t want to miss the whole anti-Americanism thingy.

Nike says Kaepernick [a Marxist] is “this generation’s most prominent crossover cultural influencers.”

Conservative commentator and former presidential candidate Hermain Cain weighed in, tweeting, “Prediction: Police departments will not be ordering these shoes for their officers.”

Nike is a major business partner of the NFL but has continued to promote Mr. Kaepernick, an NFL adversary.

Nike knows half of America hates what Kaepernick stands for, but they don’t care. They are making money. It’s an evil company.


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