Nine Asylum Seekers Gang Rape Austrian Woman As She Begs Them to Stop


A family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers gang-raped and sodomized a drunk Austrian woman for two hours as she pleaded, “No, I don’t want this”. They had lured her away from her friends on New Year’s Eve.

Her attackers conversed only in Arabic. Alaa Al-J. was said to be the rape ringleader. After it was over Mohammed Al-. escorted her to a toilet in the flat where he took a selfie with her on his mobile phone.

The nine men raped the 28-year old woman on New Year’s Eve in 2015. Only one of the men admitted his guilt in the horrific attack.

The victim met the men while drinking in a bar in Vienna.

The defendants, aged between 22 and 45, all arrived in Austria between May and December 2015 via the Balkan route. While she was drunk, four men took her away to a flat where five more men were waiting.

At the time of the attack, five of them had been granted a right to stay, the applications of the other four were still pending.

The victim Sabine later said she found herself naked on a double bed being assaulted by the men one after the other.

They raped her in the dark so she couldn’t identify them.

After the rape, she was treated for PTSD and was too fragile to appear in court.

One man, Mohammed, admitted what he had done but sobbed that he was drunk with Vodka.

After the rape, they took her to a train station and tried to stop her crying.

There is DNA evidence tying the men to the rape though all but one deny it.

There is allegedly a rape culture among some Muslims.



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