Nine more murdered as Cartels seize control of 80% of Mexico


A suspected drug lord has been taken into custody by Mexican authorities near the U.S. border for questioning in the deaths of three Mormon mothers and six children. He was found with hostages in a truck, not related to the victims.

The unnamed suspect, who was heavily armed, was found in the town of Agua Prieta, right at the border with the U.S. state of Arizona. He is one of the many drug lords who run drugs into the U.S. to feed the habit of our potheads, meth addicts, coke users who help the very people who murdered the innocents. These transnational gangs are the very people who are aided and abetted, are actually in business with the Americans who demand open borders — the leftists.

The murdered mothers and children might have driven into a vicious turf war between two of the worst transnational gangs. Their vans might have been mistaken for rival gang members, and maybe not.

About 80% of Mexico is now under the control of the transnational gangs/drug cartels. They are here, throughout the United States. As the border is tightened up, the gangs become more dangerous because we are cutting into their profits.

The Sinaloa cartel operates in fifty nations. They are foreign terrorist organizations. The President must follow through on his statement that he would like to declare them terrorists. It would help us take them on.


We have criminals coming in each year from over 140 countries. Cartels easily and constantly cross back-and-forth across our border. That should terrify you. Or you can listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Keep those borders open, let criminals out of jail, and ignore smaller drug dealing crimes.

Forget Syria, protect our borders.


The killers were apparently members of the Juarez drug cartel and its armed wing, La Linea – ‘The Line’ – whose gunmen had entered Sinaloa cartel territory [formerly run by El Chapo] and set up an armed outpost on a hilltop and an ambush further up the road, Daily Mail reported.

The mothers were driving in separate vehicles with their children from the La Mora religious community where they live.

Rhonita Miller and four of her children – her six-month-old twins, Titus and Tiana, her 10-year-old daughter Krystal and 12-year-old son Howard – were all killed.

Another two mothers, Dawna Langford and Christina Langford Johnson, as well as Dawna’s sons, Trevor, 11, and Rogan, 3, were also all killed.

Eight children, some just infants, survived the ambush.

Dawna’s eight-year-old son Cody Greyson Langford had been shot in the jaw and leg. Her 14-year-old daughter Kylie was shot in the foot and four-year-old Xander was shot in the back.

Brixon, a nine-month-old, suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. Her son Jake was found injured in the same spot but it’s not clear what his injuries are


Dawna’s 13-year-old son Devin covered his injured siblings with branches to hide them before walking 14 miles to get help from relatives back at La Mora.  This is after he witnessed the murder of his mother and brothers shot dead.


p class=”mol-para-with-font”>Relatives say he reached the community six hours later. Family members alerted authorities before arming themselves with guns to go out searching for the injured children. They were forced to wait for the Mexican authorities.
When the five injured children were found, they were so badly injured that Mexican authorities flew them to the border in a military helicopter. Three other children were not wounded.

Kendra Miller, a relative, said that Devin Langford, 13, was one of the few uninjured young people and quickly took charge, eventually walking about back to La Mora for help.

“When he took too long to return, his 9-year-old sister Mckenzie Rayne Langford left the remaining five to try again.”

She was found safe after the children were rescued. McKenzie walked for hours in the dark.

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