Nine People OD on Heroin in 24 Hours in the Sanctuary City of New York


Nine people overdosed on heroin in a 24-hour period in the sanctuary city of New York and four were fatal, the Daily Caller reported.

Officials said the overdoses are a sign of how prevalent heroin abuse is across New York. The state experienced a 135.7 percent increase in synthetic opioid and heroin deaths between 2014 and 2015, one of the largest increases for a state.

There is a very large population of Mexican illegals in the sanctuary city of New York and the heroin largely comes from Mexico.

DEA reports have said for years that Mexican cartels have drug distribution centers in all American cities.

In the summer of 2015, the Mexican Sinoloa cartel carved out a home turf on Long Island and in New York City by giving away free meth to dealers. They are mixing the meth in with the shipments of heroine and cocaine to get people hooked.

This is the same business model they used in Colombia twenty years ago when they shipped free heroin in with the cocaine.

“It follows the pattern we saw with heroin 20 years ago when the Colombians were trying to create a market for their heroine by shipping it with cocaine. By pumping up the supply [of meth] they hope to create demand,” said NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan.

The meth circulating around Long Island and in New York City’s boroughs is cartel-operated and created in superlabs in Mexico.


From 2009 to 2014, America has gone from a reported 120 cities with significant Drug Cartel presence to an estimate exceeding 2,000 U.S. Cities with significant Drug Cartel presence today. Fifty or more of those cities have more than one cartel group present.

Drug cartels are so deeply embedded in Chicago according to DEA boss, Jack Riley, that local and federal law enforcement are forced to operate as if they are “on the border.” Riley, who is special agent in charge of the Chicago Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), said that they have a large Mexican population and an abundance of street gang activity.

“My opinion is, right now, a number of the Mexican cartels are probably the most organized, well-funded, vicious criminal organizations that we’ve ever seen,” Riley told the blaze.

The media ignores cartels when they report on Chicago drug violence.

These criminals live among us thanks to the 1986 amnesty, sanctuary cities, our PC mentality and our weak-willed – perhaps corrupt – politicians.

In a July 28, 2013 letter addressed to “Fellow Americans,” the union of former Border Patrol agents called for Congress to deny amnesty to illegal aliens and cited “transnational criminal businesses” that have “representatives” in 2,000 American cities.

This is what we are importing into the United States. It’s insanity, not charity.

This is what the Mexico map looks like. We’re starting to look the same. Open borders and sanctuary cities are great if one wants to develop a drug culture.

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