NJ Doesn’t Like Trump So They Won’t Let Anyone Vote for Him in 2020

Screenshot Phil Murphy, Bolshevik

The New Jersey legislature passed a bill to keep President Trump off the 2020 ballot. Expect their hard-left governor Phil Murphy to sign it. They did this in 2016 but the Republican Governor Christie wouldn’t sign it.

Their reason for doing so is they don’t have President Trump’s tax returns, which are not required by law. It’s a phony excuse. The whole thing is partisan and they are Stalinists.

The Senate voted 23-11 Thursday to require candidates for president and vice president to disclose five years of federal tax returns to appear on the ballot in the Garden State. They would have to submit the returns to the state Division of Elections, which would then post them online.

Electors from New Jersey would be prohibited from voting for candidates who don’t comply.


State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio, R-Morris, opposed bill S119 and tried unsuccessfully to have it also apply to candidates for governor and the state Legislature.

“Legislation like this puts us on a very slippery slope. Partisan politics should not pick who can and cannot run in this state. Elections will be decided even before the people get a chance to vote,” said Pennacchio.

“There are also constitutional issues that arise – First Amendment rights, equal protections. These will surely find themselves to the courts,” he said. “My understanding is that no other state in the union puts this type of disclosure as a requirement for somebody to run as president.”

It was mostly along party lines, but not solely. State Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman, R-Somerset, joined Democrats in voting for it.

There are thirty states that did the same thing in 2016, but it never went through.


  1. these traitors need midnight visits from the soon to be form RedHats
    mark my words people , we are on a slippery slope to civil war, when it comes ,trash like this will be targeted by our patriots special forces.
    The tree of liberty will be watered again .

    • Please, share with us how you know what President Trump pays in taxes. And while you’re at it, please post a copy of your last three year’s tax returns. Just to be fair.

  2. I have posed this question to the useful idiots since the bogus Trump tax return mantra started:
    Do I understand you to be saying that it should be required to provide personal information on tax returns, but not be required to provide proof of eligibility to be President of the United States of America?

  3. New Jersey used to be a part of the United States. What happened? Trump should hit N.J. economically, as he did California.

    (BTW, Judging from the above photo, Governor Murphy needs to see a dentist and get his teeth fixed.)

    • Just what the heck do they hope to find in his taxes that the IRS has not? Not as rich or richer than he claimed? How much he legally paid or not paid in taxes? What? Maybe a big pharma can come up with a pill for the rampant TDS of these folls and those who elected them. The crazies have taken over our institutions and worse yet…the electorate voted them in!!!!

  4. Are the folks in NJ really that stupid? I’m begining to think the protrayal of NJ denizens in the movies and on tv to be accurate. But, I know its not true, maybe.
    They sure do elect some nitwits into their governing bodies, which makes me wonder if its the water or something.

  5. If this travesty is found to be constitutional and Trump is actually barred from the 2020 NJ ballot then I suggest that the red states pass similar measures forbidding anyone who has advocated abortion, socialism, sanctuary for illegal aliens, Obamacare not be barred from the ballot. Commiecrats need to be made beware of unintended consequences of their zealotry.

    • John Acord. Did you mean to say in your comment that those who have advocated for the leftist policies be barred from the ballet in red states? A fine idea as far as I’m concerned. A few less liars and traitiors on the ballots in those states which still value the Constitution.
      I like that as a means of making the legislature in the socialist state of NJ aware they are not in charge of the nation nor the POTUS.

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