NJ Forces Police Officers to Carry Guns with Only 10 Rounds Off-Duty


New Jersey banned active police officers from possessing their duty weapons while off duty.

The New Jersey lawmakers don’t recognize the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act which allows officers to carry their guns and/or hollow point ammo, Blue Lives Matter reports.

The Attorney General in New Jersey decided the Federal Law only applies to those officers involved with interstate commerce.

That’s not true of course.

Blue Lives Matter reports: LEOSA was “designed to protect officers and their families from vindictive criminals, and to allow thousands of equipped, trained and certified law enforcement officers, whether on-duty, off-duty or retired, to carry concealed firearms in situations where they can respond immediately to a crime across state and other jurisdictional lines.”


Officers in the state are now only allowed to possess gun magazines with ten rounds. Perhaps New Jersey legislators want to make sure criminals aren’t at a disadvantage. Modern firearms issued to officers now have twelve rounds, and they can have them at work or traveling to or from work, but that’s it.

In other words, all law enforcement officers in New Jersey will violate the law if they carry their weapons at home or anywhere. They have to use low-capacity magazines off-duty.

What is the point of this? Who do they think they are protecting and what is their justification for this?

They will be arrested if they don’t follow this new law. Welcome to Democrat law enforcement.

“This statute applies to all law enforcement officers, including those subject to on-call status. Violation of this statute constitutes a fourth-degree crime,” the memo continued. “There is legislation pending to amend the statute to permit law enforcement officers possession of large capacity magazines. We will keep you informed if and when the statute is amended.”

Under the new law, it’s technically legal for them to carry their gun home from work with them, but the minute they get home, they are breaking the law.

Blue Lives Matter asked how officers with take-home vehicles or who were required to be on duty when they left their homes were supposed to have their duty weapons, the prosecutor’s office acknowledged a problem.

“There seems to be a conflict in the law in that regard,” Rebein said.

They’re still going to follow the law for now. The legislature passed the new laws governing officers.

These Democrats are insane. New Jersey is a one-party state, and these crazy Democrats make all the decisions with no resistance. The police should be allowed to carry whatever size guns they need on or off duty. They are here to protect us.

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