NJ Library Planned to Read an Anti-Semitic Children’s Book


ABC 7 News reports that the Highland Park library has stirred up controversy with a book they planned to read publicly. It’s called P Is For Palestine. The title alone is a problem. Palestine’s story has become a lie thanks to the PLO.

The book includes illustrations of Palestinian activities from playing to cooking to protests.

Author Golbarg Bashi is Iranian-American and her works have stirred emotion in the past. She said “P Is for Palestine” is about pride and not promoting violence. Bashi is also a professor of Middle East studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

“This is a children’s book about children who basically have no books written about them in English in this country,” Bashi said.

The book uses the word ‘Intifada’ for the letter ‘I.’


“So people don’t understand what Intifada means, Intifada means resistance,” Bashi said. “The Women’s March is Intifada. It’s resistance.”

That cinches it — it’s anti-Semitic. The Women’s March is an anti-Semitic, communist movement.

“This is not about me,” Bashi said. “This is about my book, this is about the First Amendment.”

These leftists love to use our First Amendment to damage our country.

She used Intifada for the letter I and then claims it wasn’t intended to be anti-Semitic. That’s so dishonest.

“It’s anti-Semitic and I’m telling you the Jewish community here is up in arms,” Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg said. “It’s a symbol, it says that it’s OK to have books that teach little children to hate.”

The Rabbi is right about what an Intifada is. The only rising up is against Jews.

“It’s being used to teach little children about how great the Palestinians are and we should murder the Jews, that’s the bottom line,” Rosenberg said.

The library has postponed the reading and pulled it from the shelves until the board can discuss it.

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