NJ Man Arrested 92 Times Kills Son’s Mother


NJ really should consider toughening up their sentencing guidelines. How does a guy who has been arrested 92 times get released over and over and then have the opportunity to murder his son’s mother?

Lax law enforcement policies?

Raushon Causey, 40, finally got an appropriate sentence of 50 years in prison for stabbing 37 year old Shanai Marshall. He broke down her door and stormed upstairs, stabbing her in the head and torso.

Too bad she had to die before they finally put him away.

A jury in October found Causey guilty of murder, burglary and weapons offenses.

The convicted killed already had a long history of violating the law, with a record that allegedly included more than 92 arrests and 11 felonies prior to Marshall’s death.

He will be 90 or in his 80’s when he gets out of prison. With a little luck, he will never get out.

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