NJ Red Flag Laws Are About to Be Tested


New Jersey’s red flag laws are coming into question in the case of Alfred Conti.

Alfred Conti had his guns taken from his home by police in September after a surgeon who had sued him for defamation called authorities to report that the 56-year-old man “became agitated” during a phone call, according to the Asbury Park Press.

This was the result of an ongoing dispute with Dr. Matthew Kaufman over pain Mr. Conti still experienced after his neck surgery.

After the patient wrote negative reviews online, Kaufman and the Plastic Surgery Center sued him in July for defamation. Conti reportedly called Kaufman’s attorney, James Maggs, twice the following month begging to be seen by the doctor because he was still in pain.

The lawyer recorded the second call which was played in court this week.

“It started out the first few seconds a normal call then quickly he became agitated,” Maggs said. “His overall demeanor, I felt, became threatening and I became alarmed.”

Conti allegedly used expletives and threatened to bring the police and media with him to force the doctor to see him.

Maggs saw on Conti’s Facebook page a reference to guns and that resulted in Maggs and Kaufman calling the police who took the man’s three pistols, one rifle, and one revolver under the red flag laws.

Conti never threatened anyone but did say he knew where Maggs and Kaufman lived.

Conti cooperated when they took his guns and has never committed a crime.

New Jersey’s red flag laws don’t automatically expire and the removal of weapons could be permanent.

There is no ruling yet. The court date is December 12th.

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms wrote.

“Cases like this demonstrate the dangers of red flag firearms seizure laws. Here’s a man in a dispute with his doctor over what he believes was a botched surgery, who has made no threats against anyone, but who still may lose his right to keep and bear arms along with his good health,” Edwards wrote.

“It doesn’t appear that Conti’s had any trouble with the law, and even now hasn’t been charged with a crime, much less convicted of anything,” he continued. “Still, one dumb comment about knowing where the doctor and his attorney live may cause him to lose his Second Amendment rights for the rest of his life.”

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