NJ Teacher Suspended After Saying the School Would Be Safer With Armed Guards


Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher told Martha MacCallum that a teacher was placed on immediate leave and forced to go through mental and physical evaluations for school safety. The reason is not because he did something dangerous, but because he said the school would be safer with armed guards. He also said he would be one of the teachers willing to be armed.

Mr. Gallager said: “Even students who love 59-year-old history teacher Timothy Locke acknowledged his style is unconventional. For example, on the website Rate My Teacher Locke gets 4.8 out of five stars with students saying he gets off topic easy but is an awesome teacher and guy. And there is really no dispute about what Mr. Locke said in class last Thursday.”

“Everyone, including Locke, agrees that he was voicing concerns about security at Cherry Hill High School East saying a situation similar to the Florida shooting could happen there because campus police are not armed.”

“Locke then reportedly agreed with President Trump that teachers should be armed, saying he would be the one with the gun.”

“Most students were fine with the comments. But at least one, who spoke anonymously to local media, said the remarks verged on reckless.”

The teacher was engaged in simple general commentary.

“After the principal was told about the comments, Timothy Locke told philly.com that he was called into the office, placed on paid leave, had his belongings searched and ordered to undergo a physical and mental health exam.”

“When asked about his conversation in class, Locke told the website, quote, I was adamantly concerned with the welfare of my students. And his students are clearly concerned about him. His suspension triggered two days of demonstration and a firestorm of criticism from both students and their parents who say they have long appreciated Mr. Locke’s candor. Even concerning things like his tour of combat in Iraq and battle with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

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