No Direct Proof Assad Fired the Weapons



Bashar al-Assad

The report by the UN inspectors is due out on Monday. Leaks indicate that they will point the finger at Bashar al-Assad as the one who fired the chemical weapons, but they will also say that the evidence is circumstantial.

They will present a ‘wealth’ of evidence that nerve agents – probably sarin gas – were used last month but they will not accuse Assad. There is no smoking gun.

The CIA report also says there is no direct evidence that Assad is responsible.

It is likely Assad committed the atrocity but his horrendous crimes do not affect US interests.

The UN report will be a bargaining chip in the discussions currently taking place in Geneva between Kerry and Lavrov, though the Russian proposal being discussed is not possible as John Kerry said when he made his original flub suggesting it. But that’s our new foreign policy, chase speeding cars down Main Street with Putin in the driver’s seat.

During his September 10th speech to the nation this week, President Obama made a good case for Assad’s government being responsible for the chemical attack on the Syrian people.

More at the Daily Mail and at Foreign Policy Magazine

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