Renewables Aren’t That Renewable

Why Not Use Them All?

One day, the conversation might be that people need to find sources of energy other than renewables.

Renewable power, according to the latest report from the Panel on Climate Change, can replace all other energy sources eventually. Renewable energy includes solar, hydro, wind, tidal, wave, geothermal, and biomass.

13.8% of energy is renewable and 10.2% of that comes from biomass, mostly wood and dung. .05% comes from solar, wind, tide, geothermal,wave put together. Wood is renewable only as fast as it can be replaced. Unfortunately, not usually as fast as we use it.

Wind, which is renewable, relies on non-renewables such as steel, concrete and rare-earth metals.

“…Iron ore for making steel is unlikely to run out any time soon. True, but you can say the same about fossil fuels. The hydrocarbons in the earth’s crust amount to more than 500,000 exajoules of energy. (This includes methane clathrates—gas on the ocean floor in solid, ice-like form—which may or may not be accessible as fuel someday.) The whole planet uses about 500 exajoules a year, so there may be a millennium’s worth of hydrocarbons left at current rates…” Read this story in the WSJ: The Limited Availability Of Biomass & Hydro

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