No Evidence But Dirty Cop James Comey Tries to Convict Trump Anyway


Former FBI Director James Comey is disgracing the FBI. As the former top law enforcement officer in the nation, he should not be gossiping about a President’s guilt with no evidence whatsoever. But he is. The dirty cop is completely irresponsible.

He told Jake Tapper on ‘The Lead’ “it’s possible” that President Trump was compromised by the Russians. Tapper, to his credit, called him on it but you can’t embarrass the buffoon.

One reason Comey thinks this is possible is that the President is constantly bringing it up. What Comey didn’t say is that they only met a few times and had no real relationship.

He said bringing it up repeatedly is “striking”.

How many presidents have been threatened the way this president has been? Come on Comey you hack.

Comey then clarified, “I think it’s unlikely, but I think it’s possible.”

It’s “unlikely” but “possible”. How is that a responsible comment from a former FBI director? Is this how the FBI operates? If so, they are a bunch of clowns — at least at the top.

The second reason that it’s possible, Comey said, is the Russians might have “derogatory” information about Trump. Comey added, Trump “wouldn’t criticize Vladimir Putin even in private, which struck me as odd.”

That’s evidence?

He Knows He Doesn’t Have An Ounce of Evidence

The former clownish FBI director continued, “Now, those aren’t definitive, those aren’t conclusive facts, but the reason I say it’s possible is there are things that lead my common sense to believe it’s possible.”

It’s especially not meaningful given how tough Trump has been on Putin.

Tapper pressed Comey, asking, “do you have evidence that President Trump is compromised by the Russians? Have you seen evidence of it?”

Comey responded by saying, “No. And I think I’ve said that throughout. I’m trying to be transparent. Here’s my reasoning, here’s why an honest answer has to be, ‘it’s possible.'”

The failed and fired Comey first made the explosive “it’s possible” remarks to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview on Sunday evening.

This FBI hack probed Trump for a year, and he has nothing. Unabashed, because he’s a haughty and arrogant man, he will continue to make these unfounded accusations.

This media blitz is to promote the release of his new memoir, “A Higher Loyalty.” The book trashes President Trump.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said ahead of Comey’s book release that the former FBI director “will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack.”

President Trump has also lashed out at Comey. Can you blame him?

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