No, Harris Isn’t for the Little Guy, That’s One of Her Lies


Presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris is a ruthless totalitarian who, without regret, stiffs those who aren’t as important as she imagines herself to be. She likes to pretend she’s out for the common man, the poor, and the needy but she sells them out if it benefits her political future.

For example, Kamala Harris said during the most recent debate in Detroit, “So in my background as attorney general of California, I took on the big banks who preyed on the homeowners, many of whom lost their homes and will never be able to buy another.”

Harris frequently boasts of her role in taking on the big banks to help the homeowners in California who were hurt by the so-called predatory lending practices targeting them during the housing collapse.

While she and other AGs did help to secure $25 billion from the big banks to help those who lost their homes or who were struggling, she went silent when then-governor Jerry Brown took California’s share of $331 million in 2012 and used it to close the budget gap. Harris spoke out initially but when the court case came up, she said nothing and says nothing to this day as Governor Gavin Newsom says he will hand out the funds to the intended recipients but doesn’t.


Harris has a problem with the truth and seems to have a questionable moral core, but one attribute of hers that you can rely on is she will always put herself first. Years ago, she slept with the married mayor of San Fran Willie Brown for two years and by the time the relationship ended, she was promoted by Brown himself.

Her history with criminal reform is similarly bleak as candidate Tulsi Gabbard made blatantly clear in the first debate.

Last week, she accused a vindicated police officer of murdering Michael Brown, and she has doubled down on the lie.

This is the woman who wants your hard-earned money to provide reparations without end, a medicare for all plan that makes sense to no one, confiscate guns by fiat, and plans to give college for free. If her past is prologue, she will take the money meant for targeted groups and then give it to the most important big government hacks to reallocate the funds. It’s the California way.

This is a woman who has no regard for due process or presumption of innocence. She made that clear during the Blasey Ford fiasco.

She’s an arrogant nasty woman and we’d better hope she doesn’t win or become vice president to the aged Joe Biden.

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