No, I Don’t Believe Christine Blasey Ford, Here’s Why


by Ann McCormack
They’re all leftists who are anti-Kavanaugh

Only yesterday, we found out that the ‘victim’s’ lawyer Debra Katz — a major Democrat donor — is Vice Chair of a partially Soros-funded organization that opposes Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ms. Katz is vice chair of the board of the Project on Government Oversight [POGO]. POGO is one of the many leftist groups demanding Kavanaugh’s records.

Christine Blasey Ford, the ‘victim’, has a brother — Ralph Blasey — and he has close financial ties to Fusion GPS. [Update: This has been disputed. Fusion denies any direct connection]

Katz at first said ‘victim’ Christine Blasey was willing to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Then she said it had to be an open session. Then it was closed session. Now she will only testify after an FBI probe.

They keep moving the goalposts over a claim that can never be disproven.

The FBI said they already did their investigation of Kavanaugh and will not do another. A 36-year-old case of two alcohol-imbibing teens without evidence cannot be probed, and, if it could be, which it can’t, it would be the police, not the FBI who would do it.

Her story does not ring true

I was sexually molested at age 8 and at age 10. I remember all the details, the year, and the man who did it. It has been 63 years since the first assault. I am not traumatized and wasn’t 36 years after the fact.

Maybe Blasey was assaulted in high school but I don’t believe Judge Kavanaugh did it. It’s not the kind of character flaw that appears one time, never to show up again.

If Dems found it credible, they would probably have been blasting it over the media for months.

Why did a college professor report it via a tip line at the Washington Post, then send a letter to her representative, and expect it to remain secret? Why hire a lawyer in August and take a polygraph [which is not a lie detector test by the way] in August? We have zero details about the test and it’s only a general measure which cannot be used in court. It was Katz’s buddies who administered it and it’s Katz who said she did well.

Why did the leftist Blasey Ford hire a far-left, Soros-tied lawyer? Who is paying for all this?

It’s another Democrat hit job so they get to keep killing babies on demand.

She came up with a story that can’t be disproven

Nothing worked in trying to eliminate Kavanaugh so they came up with a 36-year-old story that cannot possibly be disproven.

Maybe Blasey came up with this in 2012 as a suppressed memory. Those are notoriously wrong most of the time, if not all.

In 2012, when she told a therapist about an assault, Brett Kavanaugh was on Mitt Romney’s Supreme Court list. He was also a favorite of George Bush’s.

Why didn’t Mrs. Ford come out during the Judge’s other appointments, why now?

Then there is the fact that this ‘traumatized’ woman won’t testify. She’s put interminable roadblocks in the way.

Brett Kavanaugh is a great man the Democrats are willing to destroy for their ideology.

No, I do not find Christine Blasey Ford — a leftist activist and Trump hater — credible. Democrats have weaponized the #MeToo movement, ruining it for those of us who are victims. Mrs. Ford is not Judge Kavanaugh’s victim.


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