No, I Don’t Believe Christine Blasey Ford, Here’s Why


by Ann McCormack
They’re all leftists who are anti-Kavanaugh

Only yesterday, we found out that the ‘victim’s’ lawyer Debra Katz — a major Democrat donor — is Vice Chair of a partially Soros-funded organization that opposes Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ms. Katz is vice chair of the board of the Project on Government Oversight [POGO]. POGO is one of the many leftist groups demanding Kavanaugh’s records.

Christine Blasey Ford, the ‘victim’, has a brother — Ralph Blasey — and he has close financial ties to Fusion GPS. [Update: This has been disputed. Fusion denies any direct connection]

Katz at first said ‘victim’ Christine Blasey was willing to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Then she said it had to be an open session. Then it was closed session. Now she will only testify after an FBI probe.

They keep moving the goalposts over a claim that can never be disproven.

The FBI said they already did their investigation of Kavanaugh and will not do another. A 36-year-old case of two alcohol-imbibing teens without evidence cannot be probed, and, if it could be, which it can’t, it would be the police, not the FBI who would do it.

Her story does not ring true

I was sexually molested at age 8 and at age 10. I remember all the details, the year, and the man who did it. It has been 63 years since the first assault. I am not traumatized and wasn’t 36 years after the fact.

Maybe Blasey was assaulted in high school but I don’t believe Judge Kavanaugh did it. It’s not the kind of character flaw that appears one time, never to show up again.

If Dems found it credible, they would probably have been blasting it over the media for months.

Why did a college professor report it via a tip line at the Washington Post, then send a letter to her representative, and expect it to remain secret? Why hire a lawyer in August and take a polygraph [which is not a lie detector test by the way] in August? We have zero details about the test and it’s only a general measure which cannot be used in court. It was Katz’s buddies who administered it and it’s Katz who said she did well.

Why did the leftist Blasey Ford hire a far-left, Soros-tied lawyer? Who is paying for all this?

It’s another Democrat hit job so they get to keep killing babies on demand.

She came up with a story that can’t be disproven

Nothing worked in trying to eliminate Kavanaugh so they came up with a 36-year-old story that cannot possibly be disproven.

Maybe Blasey came up with this in 2012 as a suppressed memory. Those are notoriously wrong most of the time, if not all.

In 2012, when she told a therapist about an assault, Brett Kavanaugh was on Mitt Romney’s Supreme Court list. He was also a favorite of George Bush’s.

Why didn’t Mrs. Ford come out during the Judge’s other appointments, why now?

Then there is the fact that this ‘traumatized’ woman won’t testify. She’s put interminable roadblocks in the way.

Brett Kavanaugh is a great man the Democrats are willing to destroy for their ideology.

No, I do not find Christine Blasey Ford — a leftist activist and Trump hater — credible. Democrats have weaponized the #MeToo movement, ruining it for those of us who are victims. Mrs. Ford is not Judge Kavanaugh’s victim.




  1. ***Coming to Theaters Soon***
    *************The Accuser***********
    Ma’am can you tell us WHEN this sexual assault occurred?
    “Ummm 1992…maybe 1993”?
    Ma’am can you tell us WHERE the assault occurred?
    “Ummmmm at a house”.
    Ma’am WHERE is the house located?
    “Ahhhh Rockville County..I think”
    How did you get THERE?
    “Errrr I don’t know”.
    How did you get HOME?
    “I dunno”.
    Do you remember the name of the person/s who took you There and took you home?
    Can you tell us how many people were there?
    “A whole bunch”
    Ma’am can you give us the names of the people who SAW you THERE?
    Ma’am we are trying to help you, but we need details and your memory isn’t helping us, you can’t remember anything that we can go on, is there ANYTHING that you can tell us to help us?
    This movie is rated F-B = FXCKING BULLSHIT.

    • WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

    • let’s continue on Ma’am….so you were a freshman and Brett was a senior and football joke…do you wish that he would have asked you on a date and would you have excepted….”IN A HEARTBEAT”
      Ma’am were you invited to this party or did you crash it….and one last question Ma’am “were you stalking Brett”?????
      Cristine…..YES to your questions
      No more questions your Judge…..

  2. Add me to the list of non-believers of Ms. Ford’s story. Too many inconsistencies in her account dating back over 30 year’s ago. .now we learn her brother has a connection to Fusion GPS! Who needs mystery novel’s to read, with all the twists and turns in this story..I hope the good guy becomes the SCOTUS next week and without further delay.

  3. To my knowledge, there is nothing highly illegal or nefarious about 2 drunken teenagers rolling around on a bed. the left is just so sad. They grasp at the smallest straws trying to distort reality. No ideas, no issues to run on. Just obstruction. Pathetic

  4. Simply said..Confirm Judge Kavanaugh, no delay and Senate Republicans see this for what it is…a devious lie and machinations by the Dems to delay confirmation of Kavanaugh. Put your big boy pants on and have the guts and courage to stare down this lie and confirm Kavanaugh. If you do not, you will be next in their playbook.

  5. Another schoolmate that Ford apparently named, Patrick Smyth, says no way was he at such a “party”. He provides another character witness for Kavanaugh. No one has come forward to support any of Ford’s allegations. Back to she said, he said.

    from this morning
    Was your client drinking?

    “My client had a beer…The men were stumbling drunk, one only needs to look at the writings of Mark Judge –who was the other person present– to know that he wrote..that they were all drinking so heavily that they would black out repeatedly,” says Katz

    7:26 AM – Sep 17, 2018

    She had a single beer.

    Odd isn’t it?

    She can’t remember the year of the party.

    She can’t remember at whose house the party was held.

    She can’t remember how she got there or how she left.

    But when it comes to how many beers she consumed on one evening over thirty-five years ago, suddenly her foggy memory is as sharp as a tack.

    Come on.

  6. Could it be that Dr. Christine Ford cannot remember much if any detail because she had vivid or lucid dreams in the past especially in her youth????

    Such dreams have been studied in the 60’s. I have had some dreams like getting run over by a truck and never injured and other such stuff. After such a dream, I wake my self and examine it’s detail and realize that nothing of the sort occurred. It was completely in dream world.

  7. Probably at this stage, all the ordinary person can do is vote in Nov. If there is a majority of the President’s supporters in the Senate, then possibly he could get a nomination confirmed.
    Otherwise, every nomination he makes will be opposed with every possible thing the Democrats can come up with, as we’re seeing. It doesn’t matter how good of person, how good the character, how good of a judge is nominated. This is the way it’s going to be from now on out.
    It has nothing to do with the person, everything to do with Capitol Hill and the White House. The contentions will only grow more intense as the elections, both the 2018 and 2020 elections, approach.

  8. Ford said she never told anyone about this until she told a therapist about it in 2012, yet, a student from her class, who wasn’t there, said “many of us had heard about it in school and that it was talked about for days afterward.” One of them must be lying.

    There is also a rumor that she was an alcoholic back then and had multiple sex partners.

  9. Questions for Christine:
    1. Summing up, it was a “party” of only 5 PERSONS, and you, being 15, were the only female. Did you go to those “gatherings” often? Only once? Several times?
    2. If the men were dead drunk, were YOU drunk too?
    3. Why were you using a bathing suit under your clothes? Just curious.
    4. It seems your therapist’s notes don’t mention the name Kavanaugh… when did he appear?
    5. Are you PAYING your attorney’s fees? I doubt it. I’m sure Soros is picking up the tab.
    6. WHEN will you feel ready to appear in the Senate? In a month? In a year? In 2020? Never?

  10. I’m a bit odd in my opinion and after reading media coverage from both perspectives about this story, I have to believe her story. She actually said that the event traumatized her for many years and she had anxiety for decades, BUT I also think that the statute of limitations exists for a reason. You can’t bring these allegations against a person 36 years later, and only now after they’ve gotten to the national stage.

    If you believed they could be a danger to others, you should have sought prosecution a long time ago, before they could have the opportunity to assault other people. Otherwise, you are actually neglecting in your duty to protect others with the justice of the law.

    • but the actual allegation is very weak: a drunken teenager put his hand over her mouth, and was too drunk to be able to remove her clothes. she was terribly frightened. and nothing more happened.

      at worst, a very clumsy, and unsuccessful, sexual advance.

      but thanks to the intentionally fuzzy wording favoured by the militant feminists, a “sexual assault”, and “practically rape”. and a very convincing case against kavanaugh, except for all the holes.

  11. What about the passing the lie detector test? Might she have access to such a device? Could it be that Mrs Ford was practicing with a lie detecting machine? If that is the case who asked the questions? Maybe someone saw something?

    Being the “meditative” soul she is (look it up) and under the right circumstance could easily beat the machine

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