No More “Merry Christmas” at Loyola, But There Might Be More About Eid


Muslim students celebrate Muslim events weekly at Loyola

Loyola, a Catholic university in Chicago, has a 60% Catholic student population and, understandably, they celebrate Christmas. The school is adorned with decorations and a number of festivities are held. That is concerning to a spokesman for the 800 Muslim students on campus. The school is already secularized, they don’t even say Merry Christmas, but he wants to see Eid celebrated as much as Christmas.

This is what Pamela Geller means when she talks about the Islamization of the United States.

Student Sajedah Al-khzaleh wrote a letter in the school paper, that his concerns on the issue need to be rectified.

Truth Revolt reported that even though the university has space for other religions to practice their faith–such as in the Damen Student Center’s second floor of Ministry Offices for Muslim, Hindu and Jewish students — there is a lack of public festivity compared to Christmas, such as decorations and activities of other religions’ holidays the entire student body could be part of.

Hello, that’s because it’s a Catholic University but there has long been a movement from the left to get Catholics out of the public square in education, hospitals and any place where their beliefs could hold back the leftist movement.

The 19-year-old Islamic student, a prayer coordinator for the terror-tied Muslim Student Association, Sajid Ahmed, claims to like the Christmas decorations around campus, but “wishes Muslim holidays were just as prominent.”

Ahmed says that the Muslim holiday of Eid should be celebrated just as much.

“For someone who lives far away and doesn’t have the opportunity to meet up with family, I would say making Loyola’s Eid as festive as possible would be great so that [Muslim students] can feel connected with their heritage and with their religion,” said Ahmed. “I think if the leadership is exposed to the Muslim voice, the voice who wants to make campus more festive for other holidays, I think that’s definitely one step.”

The school’s associate director of the student complex, Bryan Goodwin, said that the school already tries to accommodate students. They have secularized the Christian school with Santa Claus and other non-religious figures to be more “inclusive”, they avoid saying “Merry Christmas”, and are open to doing more for Eid.

Some might say you’re watching, not only the infiltration of a radical Islamic group, but the end of Catholicism as we’ve known it.

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