Hillary Who Didn’t Attend Pressers Calls GOP Cowards for Not Holding Town-halls with Leftist Radicals


Hillary Clinton is calling GOP lawmakers cowards for not doing town hall meetings where they are screamed at by paid protesters and well-organized leftists of all stripes. She’s also pushing the protests/riots. This is the same woman who refused to do any press conferences during the primaries unless they were in a strictly controlled environment.

Hillary went 277 days without any press conference. When she did them, she was angry and defensive. When she finally held one after 277 days,  she took a total of six questions including one about the tightening of the polls and another about putting troops in Iraq and Syria.

This was labeled “disastrous” by then-candidate Donald Trump.

When the 2010 grassroots tea party erupted, the Dems ran for cover and all did teleconferencing instead of live town halls. My former congressman Time Bishop — thank God he’s former — held a townhall where people were so upset that it hit the national news. After that, he only held teleconferences and only screened questions were answered.

Hillary was a terrible candidate, but she still has ties to the Deep State. The Clintons probably need to beef up their power to keep the funding flowing to their “charity”.

The former presidential candidate had more money in history thrown at her campaign, as well as support from the media, corporate America, the banks, Hollywood, and the political establishment on both sides of the aisle. The dirty tricks players and the left-wing rioters were unleashed. Hillary still managed to lose states Republicans haven’t won since the 1980s. She had it all and suffered a blow-out.

Why would they trot her out? It’s all good for the GOP.

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