No Proof But 2 Presidential Candidates Believe Creeped Out Lucy


Ms. Flores’ Twitter pic

Here we go again! Presidential candidates, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro believe Lucy Flores’ account of the head-kiss by Joe Biden. They don’t have any evidence, but, hey, you have to believe the woman, Democrats say.

They’re pulling that ‘we believe the woman’ garbage. Believing the woman without evidence started with Hillary Clinton and the #MeToo campaign.

#MeToo has become a farce. The far-left weaponized it against a number of men, especially white men, especially older men. They want to keep using it against opponents, especially Donald Trump.

On Friday, the former candidate for Nevada lieutenant governor Lucy Flores published a creepy op-ed about former vice president Joe Biden smelling her hair and kissing her on the head.

Flores wrote a creepy account about the kiss on The Cut. It’s the kind of story that has legs because Biden frequently puts his hand on women and gets too close. He likely doesn’t have ill intentions, but who knows.

In any case, it wasn’t an assault, just an unwanted, slightly creepy experience, if true.


Biden says neither he nor anyone on his campaign can remember the incident.

Creeped out Lucy started tweeting and retweeting yesterday and today. She linked to another article in The Cut bashing ‘white men’ and non-progressive Democrats. As an aside, Lucy needn’t worry about Biden not being progressive enough. If he wins, he will rule from the far-left. But he will continue to be an old, white man. There is nothing he can do about that.

Ms. Flores also tweeted yesterday, “This was an incredibly difficult thing to do, but something that felt necessary. It took a while before I found the words and the support that made me feel like this was finally a story I could tell.”

It “took her a while to find the words and the support?” Seriously? That’s a ridiculous overreaction. This took place in 2014, about five years ago.

She also retweeted this comment: “When I look at these last decades, I don’t actually see how much we’ve won with a party run by Those Guys. I see how much we’ve lost.” That’s the comment that linked to the anti-white guys’ article on The Cut.

“Those Guys”? She means white guys.

There is a real good chance she’s lying, but she might not be. However, how in the world can two presidential candidates come out and say they believe her? What happened to due process?

This is what women did to Justice Kavanaugh and to Donald Trump and so many others.

The two candidates, Warren and Castro, told reporters at the Heartland Forum that they believed former Nevada state Assemblywoman Lucy Flores.


“I read the op-ed last night,” Warren told reporters. “I believe Lucy Flores, and Joe Biden needs to give an answer.”


Biden did answer. He said he can’t remember it nor can anyone else and he wishes her well.

Castro pointed to a statement a spokesman for Biden gave The Hill and other news outlets claiming that the former vice president does not remember the incident Flores described. But Castro stated that he personally believed her.

“I believe Lucy Flores,” Castro told reporters. “I believe that the vice president put a statement out today on that. We need to live in a nation where we can hear her truth.”

These two see Biden as the competition and they are willing to accuse him of a near-sexual assault to just eliminate him as competition.

This is not responsible behavior for two presidential candidates. Democrats don’t care about due process.

“I believe Lucy Flores. I believe that the Vice President put a statement out on that today on that, and we need to live in a nation where people can hear her truth,” he said. [We also need to live in a nation with the rule of law.]

It’s sad, but I have to support Joe Biden here. It’s a nothing story.

Amy Klobuchar and John Delaney know nothing.

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