No Proof of Collusion so Dems Say They’re Closer to Impeachment


No evidence of collusion was presented during Wednesday’s hearing with Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. If he had something on the President, we would have heard it yesterday.

The check Cohen was given to allegedly pay off Stormy Daniels was not illegal. There is nothing illegal about giving money to someone to suppress embarrassing information, even in the middle of a campaign.

Cohen pleaded to a campaign finance violation over the payment and it wasn’t even a crime. Why did he and why did Mueller have him do it?

It’s all meant to get Trump.

Making it sound sordid by calling it hush money to a porn star doesn’t make it criminal. Barack Obama paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars for real campaign finance violations, but it didn’t take 17 prosecutors and two years to fine him. Unless he tells a jury he wasn’t trying to protect his family from the allegations, he isn’t going to the big house for it.

Half the country didn’t vote for the President because he was a paragon of virtue, we voted for him because he’s the last bastion before globalism and socialism. He is all we have standing between us and the end of America as we know it.

Would you want this guy to interview you?


Mueller is a leftist hack who went ahead with an investigation on the President without evidence of a crime. He did so while ignoring the very real crimes of Hillary Clinton and, possibly, the Podestas.

He stacked his team with Hillary supporters. Their goal was to fish for evidence to invent a case against Donald Trump.  They have spent close to $30 million so far.

In two years, no evidence has been presented. They are taking a new tack and hoping the Southern District of New York will find something, anything to convict him.

The Daily Caller reported that the University of California, Berkeley law professor, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo predicted Monday that the upcoming Mueller report will likely “clear” President Donald Trump of any violations of federal law.

Adam Schiff-ty, a lying, leaking disgrace

This analysis took place during a conversation on Fox News. He told host Sandra Smith that the report might not be released.


“I think Congressman Schiff is free to issue as many subpoenas as he likes but I think he is mistaken if he thinks he understands Attorney General Bill Barr,” said Yoo. “Bill Barr is put there to defend the institution of the Justice Department and the Justice Department doesn’t have a legal obligation to release the Mueller report in public.”

Schiff would like to see the report but doesn’t necessarily want it all released. He would do exactly what he did with the reports about the FISA warrant abuse. He selectively released information and lied about other information.

The President wouldn’t declassify the select documents because he said it might be worse if they were. Some suggested that they would be damning of the DOJ/FBI and it would be very dangerous to the nation if people stopped believing in all its institutions.

The DOJ will pull the national security card so they don’t have to release it. It could expose a lot of their own sins.

We will likely never know what will happen and we won’t be able to say for certain that this was a soft coup or a silent coup as some have described it. It’s the biggest scandal in U.S. history and they will get away with it.


Democrats are acting insane and they have no bottom line. Any immoral or base goal is fine as long as it hurts Trump in some way. He stands for pro-life so they plan for infanticide. He is trying to draw up a peace agreement with a dangerous enemy and they gloat over its failure. If he attempts to stop the onslaught on anonymous foreigners pouring across our borders, they demand the borders open even wider. The economy is doing well so they credit Barack Obama despite his anemic policies. He wants criminal justice reform so they fight him. The Democrats say they want infrastructure spending but not if Trump does it.

Their hate and their goal of complete control is more important than the welfare of the country.

It’s not only hatred for Trump, but it’s also for the right, the agenda, and the half of the nation that disagrees with them.

After the circus hearing, and embarrassing performance by Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, the media and the Democrats are claiming it’s the beginning of the impeachment hearings.


Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) said the hearing makes it more certain that impeachment will proceed. Cohen likely lied and presented no evidence, but that is irrelevant to these out of control haters.

“Well, I think that there’s no question that we have seen evidence both in what has been made public in the Speical Counsel’s investigation and certainly what Mr. Cohen testified to yesterday, which constitutes crimes. I think there’s no question about that,” Cicilline said.

CNN’s John Berman read Cicilline Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution, which outlines what constitutes an impeachable offense and asked Cicilline if Trump’s alleged crimes rose to the level of impeachment.

“Well, I think that there’s no question that we have seen evidence both in what has been made public in the Special Counsel’s investigation and certainly what Mr. Cohen testified to yesterday, which constitutes crimes. I think there’s no question about that,” Cicilline said.

Cicilline added that Congress now has a responsibility to investigate the allegations against Trump.

The investigations will never end.

And impeachment is on the table

Berman wanted to know how close they are to impeachment.

“We recognize that you have one occasion to proceed with impeachment and we ought to do it when we’ve gathered all the evidence that would support it,” Cicilline explained. “People want to be sure they don’t appear they have prejudged it. If you are asking me if it seems likely the president could be removed from office based on what we know, is it more likely today than it was on Tuesday? The answer is yes.”

The left also wants to indict the President for having employed Michael Cohen at the same time they call Cohen credible.

Elijah Cummings also believes that evidence of crimes emerged yesterday and impeachment looks more likely.

Anti-Semitic Socialist Ilhan Omar says impeachment is inevitable.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably doesn’t want to impeach, knowing it likely won’t go anywhere and could make them look bad. But the process has been set in motion. She may not be able to stop it.

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