No Real Difference Between Discredited MI-6 Agent Steele & Schiff’s CIA Spy 


Towards the end of the 2106 presidential race, there was a “document” being circulated to certain members of the D.C., Trump-hating media.  This “report” was shared weeks before the election and loaded with “blockbuster”, salacious accusations leveled against the GOP candidate.  That so-called Steele Dossier was so unbelievable not a single one of the above-mentioned outfits felt it was fit to publish. 

They probably figured its very implausibility could create a blowback, igniting Trump voters.  And given the certainty of Hillary’s victory, why take that chance?  Maybe hold on to it, as an insurance policy, just in case The Donald and his band of Deplorables did the impossible.

And thus began the Russia Collusion hoax.  We watched as a panicked Deep State, used as evidence in a secret FISA Court, the same terribly flawed Steele Dossier, that even D.C. swampers hadn’t touched.  

This piece of unsubstantiated gossip was put together by a former MI-6 British Intelligence agent named Christopher Steele.  He was linked to the Hillary Clinton Campaign and Democrat operatives.  It was this collection of untruths and unverified information that led to innocent Americans being spied on and the $40 million, multi-year Mueller probe; which Democrats were certain would bring President Trump down.

But that intense, highly partisan investigation, low-lighted by Mr. Mueller’s halting, sometimes, incoherent testimony, proved to be a complete bust.  It was the election all over again.  With Steele discredited and facing scrutiny from federal investigators, Dems have been more than happy to have their former asset fade away.  

But undaunted, the Pelosi/Schiff posse recruited a Steele wannabe in waiting. Now they just needed to manufacture a new scam.  Enter the phone call between Donald Trump and  Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky.  

The initial claim, Trump was engaged in a quid pro quo, fell flat when he unexpectedly released a transcript of the exchange.  His bold move blew up the Dem political game plan.  

Rather than have an opportunity to “make up stuff” about a conversation no one would ever see, and feed it to their lapdog media, they were forced to break all precedent by creating their own “secret FISA styled court”.  This unheard-of bait and switch have allowed faux impeachment proceedings to be held behind closed doors, out of the public eye.

The ringleader of this circus is 4 Pinocchio liar, Adam Schiff.  It seems that his spy has a great deal in common with the British spook.  Shifty’s leaker/whistleblower was in cahoots with Democrats, had second-hand info, and worked for a Dem presidential candidate, who just happened to be the frontrunner, Joe Biden.  

And now, following the same game plan used after Steele was outed as a fraud, Schiff ‘s making every effort to have this “courageous CIA whistleblower” disappear; cause suddenly “his testimony is no longer necessary.”    

It’s the phony Steele Dossier, redux.  Just substitute a totally biased Central Intelligence Agency spy for a totally compromised, former MI-6 agent.  

Look for the same heartbreaking result (Donald’s exoneration) for a desperate Democrat Party, terrified about their chances of beating President Trump at the ballot box in 2020.  

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