No, Rep. Scalise’s Doctor Won’t Try to Kill Him


Twitter lighted up yesterday with a new conspiracy with some theorists expressing concerns about one of the doctors who is treating Rep. Scalise. The claim is that he is the doctor who “took out Seth Rich”.

Dr. Sava, Rep. Scalise’s attending physician, is working hard to save his life. Whether he worked on Seth Rich or not, we can’t say, but Rich’s doctors tried to save him as well.

The theorists are calling Dr. Sava an “organ harvester” and a Hillary donor. They say he’s married to a Hillary donor who visited the White House 29 times. We haven’t looked for proof of that and don’t care if it’s true. He will do his job. Dr. Sava is not an angel of death.

Certainly Seth Rich, who was murdered by a gunman, wasn’t murdered in the hospital by doctors.

It reminds one of Barack Obama claiming doctors perform needless hip surgeries just to make money. Nothing like stereotyping doctors!

Dr. Sava is a highly respected doctor. The doctor is one of several who helped save Rep. Scalise’s life.

Too many tweets said he’s the same doctor who “killed Seth Rich”. There is zero evidence that is the case.

Rep. Scalise was grievously injured. The bullet traveled from his left hip through his organs, bones, blood vessels and into his right hip. The bullet had fragmented. It took hours for the doctors to stem the bleeding after Rep. Scalise was brought into the hospital in shock, on the brink of death. He bled uncontrollably for at least fifteen minutes on the ball field.

It’s a miracle he’s alive. Thank they medics, the police, and the doctors. Thank the representative for fighting for his life.

We need to keep it real. A lot of people on the left are good people. We’re only seeing their left-wing nut jobs with the big mouths, many who are in the media.

This reminds one of Ronald Reagan in 1981 who was also seriously wounded by a maniac named John Hinckley Jr. When Reagan was rolled into the operating room, he asked the doctors rhetorically, JOKING,”Please tell me you’re all Republicans.”

Dr. Joseph Giordano, a Democrat, replied, “We’re all Republicans today.”

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